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Oyakhilome: US protests are over microchips NOT racism

Oyakhilome: US protests are over microchips NOT racism
June 29
08:57 2020

Chris Oyakhilome, founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, says the protests in the US in the past weeks are not about racism but security microchips.


Protests broke out across the US after George Floyd, an African-American, was killed. Floyd died on May 25 after he was arrested by a white Minneapolis officer, who pinned him to the ground for several minutes by kneeling on his neck.

But in a sermon, Oyakhilome said the microchips, which will enable cities to control crime, sparked off the unrest.

This claim is unverified, and the recent protests ignited after the killing of Floyd.


“For example, there are men who don’t understand what’s going on in the United States with the riots. It’s not about the guy that died, it’s not about black folks, it’s not about ‘Black Lives Matter’. I will tell you what it is about,” the pastor said.

“Now from protests to riots and then more people have died since then and the call for disbanding, cancellation, defunding of the police, why is that?

“You think it is limited to the United States, no it’s not. Why are they doing it? It is part of the game and I tell you what it is, it’s simple because they want to command the alternative method for security.


“What is that alternative method for security? The total control of the RFID microchip, that’s what it’s about. So you are going to find cities getting rid of their police and then experimenting with one little city after another. The city says no police. Everyone must get the microchip and with that you are going to know everybody – they are going to know everyone and crime will be controlled and they have got the media to help hype it.

“And inspire the failure of the system, they are going to praise it like the best thing in the world. That’s what it is about. Get rid of the police and everyone gets microchipped.”

This is not the first time Oyakhilome will make unverified claims. He had claimed the introduction of 5G technology was the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

TheCable fact-checked the claim and found it to be false.


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  1. Walter clark
    Walter clark July 01, 21:10

    Pastor Chris has delivered more controversial remarks even in his area of specialty which is preaching the holy gospel then his new role as global analysts.
    He was once quoted to have said mastubation is a sin against the flash-body and not against God-spirit as many preacher will want to disagree.
    His statement on 5G implications to our health was more sympathetic to the conspiracy theories than it was to the substance of the facts as they are available to us from years of research by experts in that field.
    Now his turn his thinking cap to microchips and the matters of black lives matters movement and the motives behind the painful death of George Flyod by police officers in Minneapolis to perhaps assess and analyse in a different perspective from what we know it that big industrial chips companies want to implement their microchips technology by encouraging black lives matters movement to agitate for defund and abolishing of police departments across the United States. Because of police brutality.

    The big industrial chips companies may have an eye on something. They have been building chips for years helping amputated veteran have something close to normal life by chip base sensors helping veteran to function well with artificial arm in other cases legs and with great progress in facial recognition technology with it success especially in China in curtailing the wild spread of Covid-19 pandemic in recognition,contact tracing, testing and treatment in vast multitude of human beings that has help stop the spread in that country of billions of people. China is known to be one of the most police state as attempts to police Hong Kong is clearly a case in point, which is made possible by good use of microchips, an area of law enforcement that’s expanding fast.

    Police civil forfeiture in the United States is about a 3 billion dollars industry with many questionable practices by police officers and department handling of civil forfeiture matters, including cases of complain of police brutality in most low income neighborhood and many more which has lead to uprising against police across the country.

    Giving this assessment with a different perspective I will not be quick to pass judgment on Pastor Chris on this one even as I completely disagree with earlier positions on 5G and mastubation

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