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Integrity romances corruption at midday: PMB’s only card for survival

Integrity romances corruption at midday: PMB’s only card for survival
August 07
07:01 2018

To currently swim to the shore, without being drowned in both—our polity and politics, you would need to fight dirty and without any iota of veracity. Each time browbeaten and chained people attempt to fly the kite of the integrity of any man in our politics today, I just know that they are unwittingly ignorant. No man can truly hold dear to his heart the value of integrity and win any elections in Nigeria today, not even PMB!

In order to win the coming presidential election, PMB would need to fight for survival just as those ones before him did. Between now and January next year, values will become scarce on our streets and anyone—who can help the APC to remain in power would be needed as fishes need water to survive, even on the condition that their political sins are red as crimson. I have no problems with anyone defecting to the PDP, because the PDP never boasts that they are saints, but it is a huge ignominy for the ruling party to be welcoming into their party—those they told us were corrupt. Remember, Nigerians were tired of the PDP and they opted for those who promised them change in every fibre of Nigeria. The question is, can’t the APC and PMB rely on their ‘many good works’ to win the next presidential election? If they have truly served Nigerians well in the last three (3) years, why are they fighting for survival just as the PDP?

President Buhari started another vacation on last week Friday without notifying the Senate formally. There was no way he could do that, because the Senate is on recess. As an effect of this, it was only verbally said that the number two man has taken over, though we know that when PMB left for London, the whole of Nigeria also left for London. What we have now is an empty Aso Rock! This is why virtually everyone has been going to London since he left.

Even the previous vacations that he notified the Senate, the vice-president couldn’t do much, let alone the current hey presto vacation. The man who was suspended then by the acting-president was reinstated when the real president returned. Till today, no explanations have been provided, because in our clime, the king is not accountable to anyone. We call it a republic, but in reality, it is a kingdom.

It is improbable that this is going to be the last vacation before the next presidential election, because Mr. President is working so hard. In fact, every downtrodden Nigerian can testify. Nigeria has finally become the headquarters of wealth and health. Even the Rwandans are coming here to copy what we are doing. It is only here that they go on vacations for doing nothing! Even our soldiers do not go on vacations like those we are paying high-finances for compounding our problems—our politicians.

The man who has been working tirelessly, transforming Rwanda does not go on vacation like our own. I am very sure that where Mr. President stays in London (during his frequent vacations) is not as beautiful as Aso Rock, but the truth is, no one wants to stay in a nation that is not working, even if you reproduce Paris in a part of Nigeria. A poor village in a nation that is working is better than a Banana Island in a nation that is not working.

When I was much younger, my wise-mommy would say to me that I should stop going to the house of anyone who does not come to my own house. Over the years, installing that wisdom into my life has helped me a great deal. I said that to say this: I do not know why we go to London on vacations without (those who provide leadership in the United Kingdom) coming to Nigeria for theirs. Could it be because our leaders do not believe in the country they are faking to be building? Whatever equipment that are being used to treat Mr. President in London can be bought and brought to Nigeria. Late Mandela schooled and died South Africa. He refused to be treated abroad, because he believed in the country they were building when he was breathing! It is scandalous if politicians cannot use what they are selling to the masses.

Lastly, on the 18th of October, 2015, the EFCC grilled Senator Godswill for seven (7) hours and confronted Akpabio with evidence of transactions over the alleged 10billion fraud. Fast-forward to August 2018, the same man who says he fights corruption is welcoming Godswill to his party and those who are dying of thirst and hunger are justifying it. What is remaining of the current administration is not governance, what remains is re-election. The most important thing to every politician, either those in the APC or PDP is money and power, not true governance. They really do not care if the common man daily dies!


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