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INTERVIEW: Schools need educational psychologists to improve learning process, says Olajobi

INTERVIEW: Schools need educational psychologists to improve learning process, says Olajobi
November 27
07:44 2021

Eniola Olajobi is the chief executive officer of Brainy Educare Services, based in Lagos, an educational consultancy which has helped schools and parents turn around educational outcomes of their pupils and children, respectively. In this interview with TheCable, Olajobi speaks about the Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists (ANEP) of which she is founding president and the importance of educational psychology in improving the quality of the learning process in Nigeria.

You are set to launch the Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists. What does this association represent and what is the motive behind its formation? 

The Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists (ANEP) is a professional body that exists to create awareness. We aim to connect professionals from all around the country and create a space for educational psychologists to share information, ideas, opportunities, as well as collaborate to find solutions to problems in the education space. Also, we want to provide opportunities for educational psychologists to apply their knowledge in improving the society.

What roles do educational psychologists play in the nation’s landscape? 


First of all, educational psychologists develop systems and processes that improve learning and enhance the status of education. Next, we help children to learn better and use psychological theories to address any learning challenges they may be facing. Also, we research and discover avenues to improve the teaching-learning process, and all other factors related to advancing education. In addition, educational psychologists offer solutions to families, schools and policy makers on the best ways to improve the sector.

If educational psychology is so important for functional education in a country, what is the level of compliance with this requirement in Nigeria today and how would you say that affects the future of the country?

The level of compliance in Nigeria today regarding educational psychology is regretfully below par. There is a huge barrier between those who require the help of educational psychologists and those who are trained to give this help. We can call this barrier a lack of awareness. This lack of awareness and the absence of a licensing body have led to the emergence of untrained individuals who give out mediocre assistance to desperate individuals for outrageous sums of money. Hence, the future of Nigeria is affected in the following ways: there is brain drain because trained professionals believe that their help is not needed here and move in search of greener pastures; quacks thrive and the masses suffer because they do not get access to proper solutions.


If you look at the educational sector, do you think Nigeria has tailored its education towards competing favourably in the future of the world? 

The world is developing rapidly in every sector including education. Nigeria is still lagging behind compared to the strides that other nations have made in the field of education. However, there is still hope for the country. With the right decisions and strategies, Nigeria can catch up with the rest of the world. ANEP hopes to contribute to this goal effectively.

What will be your advice to the government and schools about the importance of educational psychology?

The Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists (ANEP) will like to send out a wake-up call to the government and schools. We want them to know that the world is changing and progress in education cannot happen if we continue to abide by the status quo. Government and schools need to know that the inclusion of educational psychology into the sector is of dire importance. On this note, ANEP would like to use this platform to urge the government and schools to collaborate with us for the rejuvenation of education in Nigeria.



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