It’s June!

YouNow is created for the everyday individual who seeks to gain a deeper understanding of Self, harness gifting, talent and natural abilities in order to achieve their highest potential. These write-ups are designed to help you become more conscious and deliberate in your interactions and day-to-day living.

Just like that, we’re halfway through the year!

No better time to review your goals and aspirations for 2018.

You do not know how to do that without feeling under pressure or anxious?

It’s easy. A personal development/growth review doesn’t actually have to be anything fancy.

Let’s start with these

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not?
  • What can I do differently?

You can deliberately add ‘socializing’ to that list if you haven’t already.

Socializing is proven to enhance physical and mental functioning.

Cultivate a habit of meeting up with anyone you consider as ‘like-minded’ with the intention to learn, to teach, to be taught and to grow.

When you meet people of similar interests and choices, you tend to feel free while sharing your thoughts. That helps you stay away from anxiety and restlessness and builds your awareness of self and confidence.

Socializing helps you do justice to your thoughts. You get better at thinking when you speak and share your musings in their freshness and authentic flavor!

In turn, these interactions open your mind up to other ways of thinking. It gives you wider perspectives and helps you make better decisions.

Why not have that meeting over breakfast or dinner instead?

Conversations with others teach us many things.

Expect to discover dimensions of lessons and create strategic alliances by interaction.

The more dynamic personalities you ‘choose’ to interact with, the larger the sense of diversification you imbibe within.

This enables you to see and accept the beauty in others.

Have fun while at it. Nothing in life is ever that serious.

It does not always have to be business as usual.

You don’t need to find an excuse to linger over dinner with that special someone.

Just do it because a happy mind keeps a happy body.

It’s June; Permit your own freedom.

Remember Freedom is Peace; Optimism is Nature; Action is always within reach. BE MORE!

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Yetunde Bankole-Bernard is ‘The identity Coach™”

Certified as an Image Consultant, Human connection and Personality type practitioner and Work place psychologist.