‘It’s unpatriotic’ – APC lawmaker asks Dokubo to stop ‘denigrating’ military

Philip Agbese, a house of representatives member, Philip Agbese, a house of representatives member,

Philip Agbese, a house of representatives member, says Asari Dokubo, a Niger Delta activist, should stop “denigrating” the military.

Dokubo had said the military knows those behind the oil theft in the Niger Delta region.

“The army and the navy intimidate the civil defence who are by status, the people who are supposed to guard these pipelines,” he had said.

In reaction, the navy asked the activist to name the military personnel complicit in the oil theft in the region.


In a statement on Sunday, Agbese, who represents Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo federal constituency in the lower legislative chamber, said the comments by Dokubo are “uncharitable” and “unpatriotic”.

“Dokubo is attempting to bring down the military and make militancy popular in the eyes of the people,” the lawmaker said.

“I appreciate Dokubo who is my good friend for his unequivocal stance on a lot of issues but I think he missed the point on this particular subject.


“Our officers are not in any way complicit even though much can still be achieved in the areas of protecting our national assets in the Niger Delta.

“Dokubo simply wants to be involved, which is his right. We must however, not destroy the reputation of others to get what we want.

“The sacrifices of our military officers and men who make all the sacrifices to keep the country together should not be taken for granted.

“If there are lapses, we expect Dokubo, as an elder statesman, to provide relevant information and support to the troops.


“We have gone past the era of militancy. If that is what Dokubo is clamouring about, I’m sorry it is not an option.

“Our military has shown to be equal to the task.”

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