Iyanya has no time for girls, he’s chasing money

Iyanya has no time for girls, he’s chasing money
June 28
09:44 2014

He is unarguably one of the very talented and sexy Nigerian musical artistes of this time, and he has only just begun.

Born Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk in Cross-Rivers State, the Kukere crooner lived in Calabar from birth. Although he obtained a degree in Business Management, he has chosen to keep his degree aside for his first love, music, and the decision obviously was worth it, as he has hit it big in the music world.

Iyanya helped transform the native dance, Etighi, into a global dance with his breakout hit, Kukere; and Etighi has since become the in-thing at every event for people of all ages and societal classes.

His success was not meteoric, but it came with hard work and collaboration with a record label that spotted his enormous potentials.


Iyanya first hit the limelight after winning the first Project Fame contest in 2008, but his big break did not come until he was signed on to DTunes. It was thereafter that he released Kukere; and ever since, he as been dropping hits, such as club bangers, Ur Waist with label mate, Emma Nyra, Flavour; Sexy Mama; Jombolo; and most recently, Lekwa Ukwu and Away.

After two successful albums, a record label (Made Men Music Group he co-owns with his manager, Ubi franklin), Iyanya still has so much in store for his fans. Triple MG’s debut album, The Evolution, which features all the artistes under the label — Iyanya, Emma Nyra, Tekno, Selebobo and Baci — is still being promoted, as it was released in May and is currently rocking the airwaves.

Iyanya spoke with TheCable days ago on his career success and other sundry issues in his personal life:


Iyanya 2Why Iyanya is unique

I’m different because my song is different. I’m different because my sound is me. When you hear my song, you know it’s me.

Calabar or Lagos?

Lagos is on the busy side; Calabar is quite chill and is not as loud as Lagos. I’m comfortable with my life in Lagos because I enjoy the both worlds. When I go home, it’s home.


Family and career

Even though my parents and brother (who died in 2008) did not live to the days of Kukere, there was always love from them. They supported me then, whenever I said I had something to do with music.

From rapping as a chorister to R&B/Afrobeat

I did not think I was prepared for rap. Even when I started as a rapper, I had somebody who wrote the rap for me. It was not like I wrote the rap myself. It was not even my idea. It was the idea of somebody who said he liked the way I carried myself and he thought it would be nice if I rapped. Then I always wore baggy jeans with big t-shirts, so he thought I would make a good rapper. Even back then when I was rapping, I was in the choir.


IYANYA 3Label mates on Made Men Music Group

It is a blessing to have such talents around me. They have been a blessing to me since they walked into the family. Even before they got signed, they had always been a part of the family. We are just thankful to God.


Favourite song on The Evolution album

These songs have a way of making you love them on Monday and not so much on Friday. It depends on the mood I’m in at a particular moment.


Release date for of the videos

We are dropping them before the week runs out.

Next project for Iyanya

I’m working on different producers for my new album, and I’m going to drop more singles from my forthcoming album.

The waist he whines so well

At first, it was me loving Makossa. I had a much older cousin who lived with us and danced to Awilo so well. I used to watch her then as a boy. She danced Makossa so well and it thrilled me. In my own private time, I tried to dance like her; and when I started singing, I had to do more.

IYANYA 4Managing female fans

I try as much, as hard and as soft as I can, to manage my female fans. Most times, some fans will come to you because they want to get you into trouble. Some will come to you to take a picture. Some will come just to tell you that you are hot or that there is something you are doing that they like. So, it’s up to me as the artiste to be prepared for anything. I’m very happy and thankful because they have been the reason why I have come this far.

Most ridiculous rumour spread about Iyanya

At the beginning of my career, when I just hit the limelight, a soft-sell magazine published that I only spent my money on night clubs. I was quite young then and I was scared of the effect that it could have on my career.

Iyanya is available!

I am not in a relationship for now. I’m chasing music; I’m chasing money right now. I am just focused on my career and relationship is on the side for now.

Disposition to dating/marrying an entertainer

No, unless I see another side of the person that is not in the industry. Most people in the industry are not fully in the industry. Some people are in the entertainment industry and still have life outside the industry. Being able to separate the entertainment life and personal life is the best, because you need to know that at some point, you will always fall back to being human. So, if you marry somebody who really thinks that life is all about the industry, it gets messed up. When you are trying to settle down and make life easy for you, the person will still be out there and could bring up problems. I’m not ready for that kind of drama.

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