January visit to Kano: A memo to Kwankwaso


Your Excellency, my distinguished senator, permit me to use this medium as the appropriate channel for conveying my message, for reliability. For fear of being misunderstood, let me state from the onset that I have been your ardent fan and defender on social media through my published articles online and on national dailies.

This particular article has sparked a debate on the media leading to a powerful rejoinder by my good brother Dr. Marzuq Abubakar Ungogo.

Your Excellency, I know you as a man full of wisdom, vision and mission, you are highly principled, your mission is that of development. We are all aware of how you turn Kano to a mega London in your second term as governor of Kano state.


A good supporter is that person who says the truth no matter how bitter it is. I’m one; I say the truth and give a balance analysis on issues even if that will compromise the stand of my political thought. I have an existing principle that can never be compromised, as a former Student Leader, Journalist and Activist, I’m always not afraid of giving a balance analysis even if it is against my political stance.

Of recent, i became fully involved in the activities of President Buhari, I was supporting many of his policies, even though, it doesn’t stops me from criticizing him but I see no reason why I should not work and support the success of a government that I worked in seeing it’s emergence a reality.

When the APC decided to appoint an acting chairman in Kano, I became so much amazed with your response, accusing the Presidency of having hand into it, I know; it was the beginning of internal party crises and the struggle of reclaiming the party’s leadership by your loyalist.


As a result of that, I know and I’m aware of the wide consultations you are having with political associates of whether to stay or leave APC.

The President and the party are not treating you fairly, they have now turn against you forgetting the contributions you rendered not the party alone but to the President himself.

On this, I refer my readers to an article written by my elder brother Hon. Mohammad Jamu titled: “My Kwankwaso, our Buhari and the APC challenge”.

I know how difficult this decision of decamping from the APC is, no doubt, you’re in a political dilemma that needs wide consultations, I know you’ve started.


Ahead of your visit to Kano and this critical decision you’re expected to take, i decided to write this letter to give my little contribution on the way forward, as a son and your most ardent Supporter/Fan on new media:

Call the attention of fellow Kwankwasonians to engage in anything political with decorum and in most tolerant manner, lest they fall prey in the hands of their sworn detractors and they should use that occasion of your home coming to promote and campaign for peace in our dear state.

Don’t go out of APC, no matter the political persecution, stay in APC with your large number of followers. If you will decide to leave the party, do me a favour of having a deep calculation and consultation before i join you, whatever the result; i will decide for myself.

Show the governor that he is to small to force you out of a party that you worked for its success.


Invest on the youth to contest for different positions ahead of the 2019 general election.

Your Presidential ambition in 2019 is full of uncertainties in APC going by the body language of PMB. Why  not  adjust it to 2031 if you will be staying in APC, or try  it in another party, if not ready to jettison it this time.


It will be a stiff contest within the PDP: Lamido,  Atiku, Makarfi, Shekarau, Turaki and Dankwambo are all possible presidential aspirants, even though some on the list are yet to declare their aspirations.

Keep working and restrategizing for the next 12 years(you will be 72 then), looking at the terrain, President Buhari will contest in 2019; after he completes his term, it is the turn of the south which we will be expecting to spend another eight years before it turns to the North, going by official understanding of power shift within APC.


I hope, His Excellency will find time to read my inputs and take necessary adjustments and considerations.


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