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Jibrin: I have rejected Dogara’s Peugeot gift, my colleagues should do the same

Jibrin: I have rejected Dogara’s Peugeot gift, my colleagues should do the same
November 19
21:55 2016

Abdulmumin Jibrin, suspended member of the house of representatives, has faulted the decision to buy 360 Peugeot cars for lawmakers.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Jibrin said he had dedcided to reject the car, calling on his colleagues to do the same.

He said the money used in buying the cars should have been spent on internally displaced persons (IDPs) or programmes that the masses would benefit from.

The lawmakers earmarked N3.6 billion for 360 units of Peugeot 508 cars, and 28 units have reportedly been delivered.

Jonathan Gaza, deputy spokesman of the house, said the cars would enable lawmakers carry out their oversight functions effectively.

“These cars are for the committees to conduct oversight, we might want to say at this particular point in time, but I tell you one thing when you are in a recession you must have as much as possible to think of how you can get out of it,” Gaza had said.

But Jibrin dismissed Gaza’s statement, describing it as “an outright lie”.

He said ministries department and agencies (MDAs) took care of the logistics involved in lawmakers’ oversight functions.

Jibrin alleged that Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house, intended using the cars as a ploy to silence the lawmakers on the budget padding controversies.

“This colossal amount of money would have done so much if deployed to our hospitals, schools, IDP camps, water supply, food production, payment to local contractors and support programmes for women, youth and students,” Jibrin said.

“The hurried purchase of the cars is part of the carrot and stick approach deployed by speaker Dogara to silent members and ensure that the allegations of massive budget fraud and corruption against him never sees the light of the day.

“I have stated repeatedly and wish to re-emphasis that these so called oversight are being used as avenues under Speaker Dogara to solicit for illegal favours and bribes from MDAs. It is a normal thing to see members fighting over alleged bribe money after an oversight visit.

“Nigerians should be vigilant as speaker Dogara tried to be smart by awarding the supply of the cars to Peugeot Automobile so he can hide under the guise that the house is supporting local manufacturers to deflect criticism.

“That it is a complete waste of government resources to embark on such a selfish purchase of cars. I have therefore decided to reject any car allocated to me and equally called on all members to reject the cars as a first step towards redeeming our battered image before Nigerians and in show of concern to the current economic reality of the country. The money can be used in so many useful ways to the country.”


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  1. Thinking Brain
    Thinking Brain November 20, 19:28

    Nigerians have abandoned Jubrin to his faith. A man God used to expose the evil that he himself and other unpatriotic elements have committed against our dear country.
    I think we should seize this opportunity to wage war against this tyrants before they covered Jubrin for settlement.
    Nigerians be wise

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