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Jonathan: Any society where thugs become role models will fail

Jonathan: Any society where thugs become role models will fail
September 18
07:41 2020

Former President Goodluck Jonathan says any society where thugs become role models is doomed to fail.


Writing as a guest columnist on THISDAY on Friday, Jonathan said it is sad that in some places, miscreants are celebrated for the roles they play during elections.

In the article entitled, ‘COVID-19, democracy and task of nation building’, the former president said he is convinced that electronic voting would eliminate rigging during elections.

“I am also convinced that electronic voting will eliminate the worrisome issue of massive rigging and violence during elections because it will limit human presence during voting,” he said.


“It will bring an end to incessant deployment of miscreants during elections because there will be no room for ballot box stuffing or snatching. It is sad that in some places, these miscreants are even celebrated, because of the ignoble roles they play during elections.

“I should point out that a society where thugs become role models is doomed to fail.”

According to him, holding elections regularly does not define democracy.


“Holding regular elections alone does not really define democracy or guarantee good governance,” Jonathan said.

“We need to work on how to strengthen the pillars of democracy where they are weak, and enhance political stability across the continent.

“You can always tell how credible or otherwise a democratic process has been from the level of protests, violence and the number of post-election litigations. For Africa to make more progress towards building liberal democracies, we should first take deliberate measures to strengthen the independence of the electoral management bodies.”

The former president also said Africa missed out on the industrial revolution and lagging behind in the race to space.


“We therefore have no reason to fail our people in democracy. True democracy guarantees free, fair elections and peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another and it is within our capacity to achieve that,” he said.

“Before the end of this year, five nations in West Africa alone are scheduled to hold Presidential elections. They include Ghana, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Niger. That for me is a plus and an important step in the right direction.”


  1. McTruth
    McTruth September 18, 17:19

    Our former President has spoken well.
    Sincerely, miscreants had not only become Role Models they’ve also become leaders. When you see all the dramas our so called leaders/politicians perform one will know they have nothing to offer. They are heaters and so need to be reminded of why they are in power.

    Only God can safe Nigerians from these unrepentant prodigals in power.

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  2. De Peace
    De Peace September 19, 04:52

    GEJ is an Elderstate man who understands the nature of the citizens prime and has ever remains an outstanding leader with unpreserved focus in administrative perception.
    For his comments, he may have seen the epoch of the present administration and its stride in governance and where the wind of leadership is taking the country to.
    “His words are always welcomed because it use to be full of wisdom as in a food for thought”

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