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Jonathan succeeds Clinton as keynote speaker at US forum

Jonathan succeeds Clinton as keynote speaker at US forum
December 10
21:26 2015

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has been chosen to present the keynote address at the 2016 Hope Global Forums conference.

The programme is scheduled to hold in the second week of January in Atlanta, United States.

President Bill Clinton performed a role similar to that of Jonathan at the 2015 event which gathered over 3, 000 leaders from 40 countries.

The letter of invitation was jointly signed by Andrew Young, Operation Hope global spokesman, Kasim Reed, mayor of Atlanta and John Hope Bryant, Operation Hope chief executive.

They urged the former president to lend his support to an entrepreneurship mentoring programme, by sharing his experience in office with a wider global audience.

“As some one recognised for his leadership and vision in Nigeria and abroad, we are personally requesting your attendance. It is important for us that your influential voice and perspective be included as we drive a global conversation,” the letter read.

“We invite you to join Fortune 500 CEO’s, private investors, financial leaders and government officials to connect and collaborate on this vision.

“With the theme ‘Reimagining the Global Economy: Inclusive Economics’, the annual meeting is set against the backdrop of the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend and gathers leaders from government, community and the private sector to outline a vision for the modern global; economy.

“A vision where the undeserved, working poor and struggling middle class are viewed as untapped assets for economic growth, entrepreneurship and job creation.

“The powerful history of Atlanta as the ‘Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement’ serves as a catalyst for our gathering, highlighting the unfinished work of economic self-reliance launched by Dr. King prior to his death. We will honour that legacy with a series of activities for our guests, including ‘white glove’ viewing of Dr. King’s papers.”

Among the guests expected to attend the programme are: Tim Cook, Apple chief executive; Jack Lew, US treasury secretary; Robert Rubin, former treasury secretar and Clinton Foundation vice-chair Chelsea Clinton.

The Hope Global Forum is an annual event that convenes thousands of thought leaders, business professionals and public policy officials from many countries to brainstorm on ways of advancing the social and economic well-being of all people around the world.

According to the organisers, the 2016 meeting focuses on broadening inclusiveness for global economies.


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  1. NIgerian
    NIgerian December 11, 00:01

    YOu just keep flying higher and higher

    God is rewarding you for your good work

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  2. EAMADR1
    EAMADR1 December 11, 07:41

    congratulation sir.the african model

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  3. Continuity
    Continuity December 11, 08:22

    My Presido! Yo are the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria. Some people did not realise ur worth, but time will tell. The ovation will keep sounding louder for u.

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    • Emma
      Emma December 11, 15:41

      Why not just speak for yourself? He is the best thing to have happened to you. And perhaps your friends and family. But certainly not Nigeria.

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  4. Adekola de jurist
    Adekola de jurist December 11, 08:49

    He should comeback and make vivid account of is gov cox most of his moinisters had been charged for corrupt practises i doubt if he will be exempted

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    • Titus
      Titus December 11, 11:46

      Hello Adekola, Jonathan is not afraid of any question and Answer session so hold your peace if invited he will sure appear

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    • Jr
      Jr December 11, 13:04

      Did you not hear President Buhari say that he will backdate his probing for corruption to include Obasanjo and other Past leaders becos 85% of monies stolen from the treasury was done prior to President Jonathan regime. Please get your facts straight.

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  5. Hardfacts
    Hardfacts December 11, 10:43

    Our own fly high, we don’t recognise them. They speak evil, make mistakes or falter, we magnify and shout it to rooftops, our media hype it and the whole world marvels at our evils. Only time will tell. I challenge this country to produce just 1 GEJ from each region!

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  6. Lindus
    Lindus December 11, 10:51

    GEJ my best president, the sky is ur limit sir, am happy for u.

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  7. Ashleywhite
    Ashleywhite December 11, 11:21

    This is just the beginning of your great Leadership styles.. Expect more my President.. GEJ I will follow come rain come shine…. gej All the way

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  8. rahadoum
    rahadoum December 11, 12:14

    Jonathan Good Luck Ebele has been a model of democracy in Nigeria and in the whole Africa. He deserved more than that. Kudos at large sir.

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  9. Prince
    Prince December 11, 14:58

    I often sit to imagine how many more reforms to the benefit of Nigerian youth would have been rolled out by now if you stayed back in Aso Rock.
    Our economy would have certainly left the plains of Africa to compete with developed nations.
    God has better plans for you.
    Congratulations Your Excellency.

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  10. Grace
    Grace December 11, 17:27

    Congratulations sir , the best is yet to come. The man with the golden heart.

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  11. Prof
    Prof December 11, 20:12

    Congratulations Hs Excellency GEJ. This is just d begginning, the skye is not just ur limited. Remember He that is humble will surely be lifted.

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  12. saint
    saint December 11, 22:08

    Our adage said the mouth that spoke evil , will surely return to speak good . My presido a billion times again I still vote for you. Just cross your legs and watch , no speech and time will tell the story.

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  13. Emma
    Emma December 12, 00:11

    God continue to bless and Increase you. Amen

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  14. Pastor
    Pastor December 12, 16:18

    It is true that a prophet is not honoured in his own town. Maligned, insulted,disregarded at home but celebrated abroad by those that know his worth.
    Congratulations, the most civilised president we’ve ever had.
    We will learn to know your worth from outsiders, maybe that is when we will seek to celebrate you. But I hope it will not be too late then.

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