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Even a moron knows Buhari has failed, says Obasanjo

Even a moron knows Buhari has failed, says Obasanjo
May 02
16:41 2018

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has fired yet another shot at President Muhammadu Buhari, saying “the mediocre performance of Buhari cannot be described as by anybody as superlative even by morons”.

Obasanjo said this while denying the reports that he has decided to endorse Buhari’s second term.

The elder statesman said he has made known his position about Buhari in a letter he wrote to the president in January.

In the letter, Obasanjo advised Buhari against seeking re-election, saying doing so would amount to overstretching the tolerance level of Nigerians.

In a statement issued on Obasanjo’s behalf by Kehinde Akinyemi, his media aide, the ex-president accused some “desperate elements” in Buhari’s camp of spreading falsehood against him.

Obasanjo said they are trying to create the impression that he is now in support of Buhari’s second term.

Below is the statement:

It has come to the attention of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo that some elements in the Muhammadu Buhari camp and or support group are desperate to secure a second term, fair or foul. In this desperation, everything is fair, including telling libelous lies against persons and institutions, instead of addressing the fundamental issues of statecraft and economic management.

In the last 24 hours the internet has been bombarded with deliberate falsehoods aimed at hoodwinking the unsuspecting Nigerians to believe that Obasanjo has now supported Buhari for his second term because of some perceived Buhari’s ‘superlative’ performance in his encounter with Trump during his visit to the White House in Washington DC.

In another breath, these blackmailers insinuated that Chief Obasanjo met with some Nigeria Labour Congress leaders in his house in Abuja on Workers’ Day. What a pathetic fallacy! Chief Obasanjo never met any Labour man or woman on May 1, 2018 to make any supposed volte face to support Buhari. Furthermore, neither was Chief Obasanjo in Abuja on that date nor does he own a house in Abuja. Any time he visits Abuja, he usually stays in a Guest House or hotel.

For the record, Obasanjo has not and cannot endorse failure. His position remains as stated in his January 23rd, 2018 statement on the state of the nation. Chief Obasanjo sympathises with the plight of those campaigners and supporters of Buhari. He doesn’t believe dishing out fake news that can only be believed by imbeciles will turn black into white.

Nigerians know that Chief Obasanjo has only spoken the truth about widening poverty, alienation and social disunity and near disintegration of the country through Buhari’s incompetence. Obasanjo will continue to exercise his right to free speech and no amount of hate speech will assuage Nigerians who are in need of a brand new leadership. The mediocre performance of Buhari cannot be described by anybody as ‘superlative’ even by morons not the least President Obasanjo.

From the Buhari/Trump meeting, Chief Obasanjo only saw through three points:  One, the US will continue to reduce purchase of crude oil from Nigeria and there is nothing Nigeria under Buhari can do about; two, the US will export agricultural products to Nigeria and Buhari’s government will encourage that; and three – all the killings taking place in Nigeria by herdsmen are being done by expatriates trained by Gadaffi and no Nigerian is to blame and Buhari cannot do anything to stop it.

For whatever the meeting was worth, President Buhari again bungled another opportunity to self-redeem. No wonder President Trump ordered him in a rather condescending manner to go back home and stop the killings going on in Nigeria! We hope now Buhari will heed Trump’s advice which hopefully will be considered non-abusive.

Therefore, Chief Obasanjo is more convinced in his statement of January 23rd and will not change his position.  No lies, fake news dished out by these desperate and unintelligent supporters is worth believing and these misinformation cartel and social media tigers will do more damage to the flint reputation of their principal.

Chief Obasanjo understands that the internet has good and bad uses. Those abusing the media should desist from this barbaric act as it will only expose them to greater ridicule at the end of the day.

Obasanjo will continue to speak out. He will continue to issue patriotic statements under his signature or cause them to be issued on his behalf under the signature of his media representative, Mr. Kehinde Adeyemi.


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  1. Mary
    Mary May 02, 17:18

    I think a MORON is smart, even an imbecile knows that Buhari is a failed leader and Nigeria is gradually becoming a failed country during the APC government

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    • Orikinla Osinachi
      Orikinla Osinachi May 02, 18:23

      Anyone who says President Buhari has failed is a liar.
      Chief Obasanjo really thinks Nigerians are fools.
      Since he left office after his maximum two terms, he has stopped his successors from doing two terms. He stopped former President Goodluck Jonathan, because he did not want Jonathan to surpass his 8 years since a second term of four years will give Jonathan 10 years in office and make him the longest serving Nigerian President in history. Only fools will believe Chief Obasanjo. Any reasonable man should cross check his administration and how he used corruption to rubbish and tarnish the image of Nigeria. That was why he failed to win the Mo Ibrahim Prize for transparency in government. There was peace in Garden City of Port Harcourt until the PDP under Chief Obasanjo brought political thugs in Rivers State. What of the Odi massacre.

      Nnimmo Bassey, Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action, claims that nearly 2500 civilians were killed.

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      • toye
        toye October 18, 21:04

        mister intelligent,anyone saying Buhari didn’t failed is a retarded.educational system is in a disaster state,thousands of innocent nigerians killed by herdsmen,human rights violated daily,police abuse increased,not even one school or hospital built in 4 years,
        unemployment increased,country still in darkness, roads in a terrible state,public schools looking like war zone.for all buhari ministers it’s a blank sheet. this is the achievemnt in 4 years.don’t bother to reply.

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  2. veo
    veo May 02, 17:22

    Even a mad man knows that Buhari is a big time Failure.. OBJ just spoke my mind.

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    • Jay
      Jay May 03, 10:15

      Buhari heck en to the voice of OBJ cos he speaks truth. Always nailing it like no mans business. God father fears no man! he says it as it is

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  3. gwarchian
    gwarchian May 02, 17:23

    The former president is right because the present administration is really confuse on all matters that concern the nation

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  4. veo
    veo May 02, 17:26

    The situation of the country is clear evidence that Buhari has failed woefully.

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  5. Haddy
    Haddy May 02, 17:29

    Buhari must go, we don’t need you or the party (APC), you have failed the people, Nigerians have only faced hardship in your era (then and now).

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  6. john
    john May 02, 17:30

    I can bet anyone that Buhari does not know the meaning of a Moron.

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  7. sandy
    sandy May 02, 17:31

    APC should pack their bags and get ready, come 2019 you’re out, we don’t need failures anymore.

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  8. stella bassey
    stella bassey May 02, 17:33

    obj pls explain in in a lame man language let it to be asif u are complementing him oh, oga buhari u have failed badly, u have failed ur people sadly kai, obj why u just they burst my head

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  9. Danji
    Danji May 02, 17:33

    Buhari has indeed failed! We only need to do the needful when the time comes.

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    PRINCESS May 02, 17:34

    WOOO KUDUS TO OBASANJO ,BUHARI has disappointed niger..ia

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  11. fatimabala
    fatimabala May 02, 17:48


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  12. innoperfume
    innoperfume May 03, 20:22

    oh God give us the right person come 2019.please baba God let all these old wine go and send us the new and fresh one!

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