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COVID-19: FG considers shifting Jan 18 school resumption date

COVID-19: FG considers shifting Jan 18 school resumption date
January 11
19:30 2021

The federal government is considering shifting the January 18th resumption date for schools over rising COVID cases.

In December, the presidential task force on COVID-19 had asked schools in the country to remain closed until January 18, 2021.

But at a briefing on Monday, Adamu Adamu, minister of education, said there are concerns about the scheduled date.

“It (January 18th date of school reopening) is not sacrosanct. When we decided on that date it was just a target towards what we were working on,” he said.


“Of course, we are keeping it in view and looking at what is happening in the society and then it is supposed to be subject to constant review. Even today at the PTF meeting we looked at the rising figures and thought about if we should probably take another look at it.

“On January 18th resumption, we are reviewing it, we are going to review it… tomorrow the Ministry is going to take it up.”

Nigeria crossed the 100,000 mark of COVID-19 cases on Sunday.



  1. Musty
    Musty January 11, 21:37

    Government should please put this into consideration students are tired,no job,no school habaa

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  2. bbk
    bbk January 11, 21:38

    Please don’t

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  3. Umar adamu
    Umar adamu January 11, 22:25


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    OLAJUMOKE January 11, 22:47

    If truly it’s real bcoz this is NIGERIA we have alot of fake things and we play alot.. If truly there’s is COVID19 in Nigeria then it’s here to stay like malaria, fever etc… Pls don’t toy or play pranks with our future, provide the necessary things and let resume… Our leaders can take care of there pocket but to take care of we d max is the problem…. We are d leaders of tomorrow pls… This is not how other country are treating there wards… If it’s so our leaders won’t be sending there wards to the other country to study. Pls make we resume

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  5. De-law
    De-law January 12, 10:45

    Good bye teacher when will i see you again

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  6. Jagaban
    Jagaban January 12, 13:40

    If government is truly sincere with us, to keep us safe and improve our standard of living, they should credit everyone’s account with 100k on monthly basis which i doubt they can and even can never do it because ordinary #10 cannot be given to citizens they claimed they want to protect rather the measures meant for the citizens during lock down wan foolishly taken to their various stores. Don’t allow another END SARS to occur because these people are will be home to join them for end SARS/ bad government.

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  7. Vector habib
    Vector habib January 13, 06:01

    This is another means of fg making us to have another share of another plight. This is total backwardness, Pls they should allow us go back to school.

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