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Six killed in shooting at US Independence Day parade

Rita Okonoboh

Six persons have been killed, following a shooting during a parade at Highland Park in Illinois, Chicago, USA.

The incident, which occurred on Monday, also led to more than 15 persons sustaining injuries.

A parade to mark 246 years of independence in the US, was on at the Highland Park when gunshots were heard and people started running.

Speaking on the incident, Chris O’Neill, Highland Park police commander, said the suspect has been described as someone aged between 18 and 20.


O’Neill added that 24 persons were transported to the hospital, while six have been confirmed dead.

“We are all grieving for the families and friends who lost loved ones today, those injured and everyone impacted by this horrific, senseless random act of violence,” he said.

“I served as the incident commander on scene. I was present at approximately 10:14 when it started. It was an active shooter incident that occurred in downtown Highland Park during our 4th of July holiday parade this morning.


“This was an active incident and all individuals are still urged to shelter in place at this time. Highland Park police and numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are searching for the suspect.

“The suspect is currently described as a male white, approximately 18 to 20 years old, with longer black hair, a small build and wearing a white or blue T-Shirt.

“A firearm has been recovered from the scene. We have secured the perimeter around downtown Highland Park and are continuing our searches.

“At this time, two dozen people have been transported to the Highland Park Hospital. Six are confirmed deceased.”

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