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Jega: There are still security concerns over polls

Jega: There are still security concerns over polls
March 18
13:21 2015

Attahiru Jega, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), says there are still a few security concerns hovering over the 2015 general election.

Jega, who refused to speak to the press after meeting the president and service chiefs on Tuesday, finally spoke at a situation room dialogue session at Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja on Wednesday, where he revealed the outcome of the Aso Rock meeting.

“Yesterday, I had an opportunity to brief security agencies and we received assurances that they were doing everything to provide security,” he said.

“There are still a few concerns and challenges which will be addressed with security agencies. There has been progress with the security agencies in getting rid of insurgents and there are three local government areas (LGAs) left to rid insurgents.


“We are working together with security agencies to get rid of thugs identified in states. We have emphasised the protection of ad-hoc officials with security agencies and they have assured us progress has been made.”

He went on to assure Nigerians that internally displaced persons (IDPs) would vote in the coming elections, adding that the commission has deployed necessary materials for the election.

“We have plans on the ground for IDP voting. We have designated secure places for IDPs to vote,” he said.


“We have procured and deployed sensitive and non-sensitive materials. We have completed outstanding distribution of PVCs to Ogun state and distribution has started in Jos.

“We have secured the International Conference Centre as a better facility for collating results and meeting election observers.”

On card readers, Jega said: “The card reader does not stop working at 1pm (the scheduled time to end accreditation); it stops when every voter on the queue has been accredited.”



  1. mandela
    mandela March 18, 16:12

    Your comment..All we are sayin Jega;give us credible election

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  2. mr lums
    mr lums March 18, 16:25

    we hope its going to be safe.

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  3. Solex
    Solex March 18, 16:29

    Jega should make sure d election hold to avoid crisis 4 God shake.

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  4. Promise
    Promise March 18, 16:45

    Your comment..Jega conduct dis election and give a nice results,an anyhow the precision be he should nt resin ooooo because PDP what to ringing this coming election prof Jega know gree ooooi

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  5. Before Before
    Before Before March 18, 16:45

    Jega,remember that ur name and reputation is at stake. Don’t let ur case be HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER DICTATES THE TUNE. You are there for the country and not for a particular party or candidate. The ball is in ur court.

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  6. jah kommy
    jah kommy March 18, 16:50

    Your comment..jega pls be straight forward the world are watching you.

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  7. HAMZA
    HAMZA March 18, 17:14

    Your comment..go ahead may God bless u

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  8. Angel
    Angel March 18, 17:14

    Your comment..Pls sir do the right thing (good work for christ name) for Nigerias we trust you, that is why u are there.

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  9. nwafor ejike
    nwafor ejike March 18, 17:19

    Jega in you we trust , A P C live him alone .

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  10. Adelove
    Adelove March 18, 17:20

    Your comment..jega pls at this time Nigeria is in ur hand.God will give u d grace not to disgrace Nigeria.

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  11. sao
    sao March 18, 17:23

    Nigeria ship is shaking in middle of the river may it not sink

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  12. kwodemako
    kwodemako March 18, 17:56

    FGN.jega you hold the four ace aces.and the federal government should also work as jega have comment on the area of security to poll station.because you have the both option yes or no to the nation hope on two party so make them.the way you will treat a rat who is find is way out of your house.

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  13. SA
    SA March 18, 18:01

    Your comment.. Go ahead prof jega may Allah bless u

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  14. Dr. Smart
    Dr. Smart March 18, 18:02

    sir, we believe you. I personaly know you well you are a man of integrity, please sir let your good work count and be manipulated by any party or any body. May God almainghty bless your Good work.

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  15. Hacco
    Hacco March 18, 18:15

    Jega, be yourself no matter d pressure, election must holds as scheduled. The whole world is watching. Card reader must be used to avoid rigging. These evils might have already thump printed balloting papers waiting for d election. That was why they against d use of card reader.

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  16. peter
    peter March 18, 18:21

    Your comment..jege should resign so that we can have free nd fair election

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  17. Tom Tom
    Tom Tom March 18, 18:26

    Your comment..Jega well done. If u ve gone ahead to to conduct the election in
    february 14 & 28, when will ve talk about this few concern?

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  18. Bin
    Bin March 18, 18:27

    Water want to finish 4 crocodile and dat crocodile haven finished baffing. may God help us for dis comming election woooo.

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  19. robbotee
    robbotee March 18, 18:29

    Your comment..Prof Jega should be allowed to conduct this election without fear or favour any party.may Allah protect you and your family

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  20. Seyyidy
    Seyyidy March 18, 18:33

    prof.jega , we all know u can do it very well that s while almighty God put you there please for God sake don’t be bias oooooo, please just go straight to the point !!!!!! at this point don’t fear anybody at allll, only fear your God that created you.

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  21. DIVINE
    DIVINE March 18, 18:40

    Your comment..i pray that the Spirit of God we take hold of pro. jega nd help him to do the right thing concerning this election in Jesus name.(Amen)

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  22. Odunuga abiola
    Odunuga abiola March 18, 19:12

    Your comment..Jega,god is in charge

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  23. Abdul
    Abdul March 18, 19:28

    Your comment..may Almighty Allah help and protect Jega againts d evils who hate d use of card reader.

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  24. fidelis
    fidelis March 18, 21:05

    Your comment..MR Jega , do your best for this country, let’s God Almighty finish the remaining

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  25. Sunday
    Sunday March 18, 22:50

    will the election hold as schedule because I and my associates are loosing confidence you ? from the latest development we are seeing between you and presidency more also the doubt in ur comments.

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  26. TUYI C.
    TUYI C. March 18, 23:52

    Jega should try and do the best that we’re expecting as a man of of god ‘cus the world are waiting 0000!

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  27. Raco
    Raco March 19, 01:07

    Your comment..I thank God PDP no poison u at the meeting. Pls do ur best to give Nigerians credible election;God will bless you.

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  28. lenz
    lenz March 19, 13:59

    jega is doin sometin neutral nobody will ever known

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  29. mubarak isah
    mubarak isah March 19, 15:58

    Your comment..may Allah abless you and prtc you nd ur famly pls jega let nt aur inprs leadr divert you frm th remanbrance of Allah if u do tht so surely they ar the loser(th day of jmt)

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  30. Dr Olamilekan
    Dr Olamilekan March 19, 17:16

    My Comment.Pls sir we need a credible conduction of election in nigeria because our believe is rest in ur sholder.may Allah Help U Sir.

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