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Dasuki ‘refuses’ to surrender to SSS

Dasuki ‘refuses’ to surrender to SSS
July 17
11:09 2015

Sambo Dasuki, a retired colonel and former national security adviser (NSA), has refused to surrender to operatives of the State Security Service (SSS), also known as DSS, who are trying to “forcibly arrest” him, TheCable understands.

The operatives have been laying siege to his Asokoro residence in Abuja since 6pm on Thursday and are now inside his compound.

Journalists are camped outside the gate as the stand-off continues.

After forcibly gaining entrance into his compound, the operatives moved out all the vehicles and moved in with theirs in an operation led by an officer whose name was simply given as “Dodo” from Katsina, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari.


The operatives had also on Thursday searched the Sokoto property of his father, Ibrahim Dasuki, the former sultan of Sokoto, and made away with documents.

The operatives, TheCable understands, said they are looking for arms and counter-terrorism documents from the former NSA’s residence.

Although they produced a search warrant, they did not have an arrest warrant, sources told TheCable.


As a result, Dasuki said he would not surrender to the SSS operatives because he believes there is no “legal basis” for what they are doing.

Dasuki was officially relieved of his position on Monday, but he was taken unawares by the SSS which stormed his residence and made away with files and documents.


  1. Olatunbosun
    Olatunbosun July 17, 13:39

    If Col. Dasuki has nothing to hide, he should just give himself up for arrest and then get a lawter to prove his innocence. As a soldier and former NSA, he has seen a lot of arrest without warrant and that seems to be coming around to him now.

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    • Ofuruye
      Ofuruye July 17, 15:37

      So, people don’t have rights anymore because it’s change to the labyrinths!

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    • JoeBoy
      JoeBoy July 17, 19:20

      This is the kind of thinking that has kept us down. I am sure you are a young person. This is why Nigeria will continue on the road to perdition. No intelligence, no rule of law and simply no historical perspective to events. Welcome to Buharism.

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  2. Salam
    Salam July 17, 14:18

    So this is what Buhari has turned Nigeria to? Dramatising everything they do in the name of fighting corruption just few days after breaking fast with Tinubu and Rotimi amaechi two of the most corrupt Nigerians alive.
    Why can’t dis man just invite the former NSA for questioning if there is need instead of all these drama to divert attention of the 25 million unemplyed youths who are yet to collect their 5000 naira salary for June.
    I just hope we have not returned to the Abacha years of dictatorsh.
    God pass dem.

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    • Dayo Arinde
      Dayo Arinde July 17, 17:58

      Salam, you are just talking politics of bitterness that lack truth and just bitting about the bush, you leave the main issue and diverted to a diffrent one, is people like you that are pulling back this country because you can not say the simple truth, or what is the crime when someone was arrested for interrogation becos of curruption that borther on the security of the nation, you are now talking of Amechi and Tinubu, and you are also talking of people who have not received salary and comparing Buhari with Abacha, how does all this concern the arrest of a highly currupt officers that has been playing pranks with the security and life of Nigerians citizens for their own selfish end, its a shame.

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      • JoeBoy
        JoeBoy July 17, 19:27

        Who made you the judge in this matter? Was Dasuki taken to court and charged for any crime before this drama? Why can’t young Nigerians appreciate the finer things of life , like the rule of law, decency in human interactions and real democracy. What a mess!!!

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        • Prince
          Prince July 18, 07:24

          This is dictatorship of the highest order. No body is questioning Buhari’s right to seek answers from past office holders, but how he goes about it is what is confirming to Nigerians that a mad man is a mad man no matter how long he is rehabilitated. Search warrant is different from arrest warrant. Buhari is a dictator and the change Anthem has not affected this!

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      • Tumini Herbert
        Tumini Herbert July 23, 13:44

        @ Dayo!We are in a domocracy.The rule of Law means;due diligence and and process. No matter the height of corruption you may accuse anybody in this country; outside treason,drug or human trafficking,murder and terrorism; you have to invite the person for questioning. Failing, you can compel him to be brought in for cause. If you want to search his house in extreme cases, you can but you must ensure the suspect has a representation during the search to guide against claims of frame up. If you have strong reasons to charge the person in high profile cases, you can charge the person to court within 24 hours to obtain through the courts further reasons to hold the suspects in detention. Otherwise, the suspect is bail worthy pending your investigations, prosecution, trial and determination of the case. Anything short of is dictatorship and outside democratic norms. What are the established cases against Dasuki? You have to establish a prima-facie case against anybody in a democracy before you herd him into detention; that’s the l rule of Law. PMB has a dirty past as a dictator and needs to thread very carefully on the fragile support that gave him the Presidency. He give Nigerians 40 promises in his change catalogue. If I were in His shoes,I will address those issues that will have immediate positive impact on the populace to gain their continued support; corruption should not be on his front burner as of now if he must carry all and sundry along. Example! If PMB improves power now and removes oil subsidy; Nigerians will bear with him for cause;they will only buy fuel for their cars, no more for their gen-sets. That’s what we term realistic change. Anything short of this approach will be putting the cart ahead of the horse and catastrophic. PMB need to wake-up and not allow himself to be led astray by hate orchestrated advice.

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    • Agbobudila
      Agbobudila July 17, 23:16

      The comments I’ve seen so far have been either just or unjust to the growth of the country. For the knowledgeable ones, I thank you so much as this is the only path to greatness for this country. I thank the dispassionate Nigerians. Alright. the Holy Bible says, “my people suffer for lack of knowledge” and I believe the people of this country are actually suffering for lack of knowledge. If even an upright man runs the affairs of a country where those who lack knowledge is greater in number is really difficult to bring progress. I pray for this country to grow knowledge wise. What’s unlawful in investigating a man that is suspect of a crime? This is the rule of law. It starts with prosecuting anyone who’s suspected, not regarding your status. It’s not Mr President that is sending after anyone but he’s just allowing the security agencies to do their job. Those carrying out these actions are also liable to the law if wanton in the process of carrying out their legitimate duties. Well done, Mr.President.

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  3. Ask
    Ask July 17, 15:35

    When he has finished collecting billion from creating ghost soldiers to fight BH they claim the have over twenty thousand troop in maiduguri while the real number is below 4,000 what a shame he should be jail for life

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  4. hussaini
    hussaini July 17, 16:17

    without bias Nigeria have to stat from here ,and stating from here need honesty ,those who are seeing what is happening today as strange, they were carry away from the clear picture of damage done to this country and are still respecting looters ,arresting those that work with fallacy and make our life miserable is the changed we pray for this country ,so that the dignity of our country would come back ,corrupt leaders seize to be respected in our country ,is a welcome development .

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  5. FA
    FA July 17, 17:31

    Almighty God will expose those dt av looted ds country n dy will pay for it dearly,bc of ds mess dy av put us into

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  6. KB
    KB July 17, 17:41

    Your comment..My fellow citizens let us keep our individual sentiment aside and allow the former NSA to be investigated deeply, bcos they r the ones who brought disorder n injustice to the house. He was the one that compelled former INEC chairman (JEGA) to postpone 2015 general election without the consent of former president (GEJ) as he said. There4 the issue of search or arrest warrant does’t even arise for now!!! May Allah continue to bless Nigeria.

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  7. seniorsaad
    seniorsaad July 17, 18:00

    Your comment.. May Allah send His Love like Sunshine in His warm and gentle ways to fill every corner of your Heart and fill your Life with a lot of Happiness like this EID DAY. Wishing you EID MUBARAK.& Jum@ Mubarak

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  8. timmie
    timmie July 17, 18:12

    You guys voted him Buhari, this military mentality still there,hope he understands we are in a democracy

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  9. Ahmed
    Ahmed July 17, 19:01

    Even if the man was caught on the act of corruption.Buhari must follow the rule of law and due process. Thanks goodness I didn’t vote for this baboon. Because I know he was expired and had lost shelf life if he were a product. After 30 years,no further education,training,workshop not even refresher courses on Democratic ideals. Now all well meaning Nigerians must condemn this because it is certain Buhari is taking us back to the days of Abacha his friend.

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  10. zil
    zil July 18, 07:08

    “TheCable understands, said they are looking for arms and counter-terrorism documents from the former NSA’s residence”

    This is strange as they probably have all the document relating to this at the SSS head office, except of course there is more to it that they are not telling us.

    “After forcibly gaining entrance into his compound, the operatives moved out all the vehicles and moved in with theirs in an operation led by an officer whose name was simply given as “Dodo” from Katsina, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari.”

    Why must it be someone from his state that was deligated for the job in question.

    I smell a rat, what if the document are being confisticated to obscure the truth about PMB and the Northern elites invovlement in the BH saga?

    This jestapo style arrest smells like a Troy Gift.

    Surely the voice of Isaac but the hands of Esau.

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  11. mercy one
    mercy one July 18, 09:05

    The way there are going about this arrest is barbaric, they should follow due process.
    maybe the man has document that has the names of the sponsors of BH and he is planning to expose it. There is something they are hiding from us. The security operatives have not told us the truth because this is not not the best way to fight corruption.
    l am beginning to think Buhari does not have clear direction, he is creating more problem than solving it, the economy is even becoming more grounded becos u cannot give what u dont have.
    l pray Nigeria should not divide in his tenure becos he is becoming so silent to all his promises.

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  12. omiyaka
    omiyaka July 20, 12:46

    It is not easy to accept change, it is clear that u will hear, read a lot of these attacks from people that were already used to the kind of life we lived for 16years. They have much money, connection, and what have u to attack this government.

    We will keep up our prayers against these losers

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