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Keep love alive!

Keep love alive!
February 27
09:40 2018

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“Love is not enough but it is the rock on which all else stands’

And it’s a wrap!

The month of Love fades away and marketers scramble for the hook to their next commercial.

From the red displays in every store window to the sales announcements sprawled on the pages of magazines, the only edge Christmas seems to have is the concept of ‘Santa’ aka ‘Father Christmas’

So, what is love to you?

Is it when you’re returning from a long journey after a prolonged absence and you step out of theairplane, and you’re hit by the sudden familiar but welcome heat as you walk briskly to get your bags?

Or is it the unexpected warmth you feel in your heart towards a stranger from whom you heard in passing, words in your own tongue?

Is it when boy meets girl, they fall in love, something happens, they break up, and just as she’s about to leave town, he stops her, professes his undying love, then they live happily ever after?

Love they say never dies and conquers all things but is Love truly enough?

Does “I love you too’ make things better?

Respect, Trust, Responsibility has been put on the back burner and we don’t necessarily concern ourselves with the things that matter to those we say we care about.

We need to understand that for our relationships to be healthy and worth it, we need to give more than waves of emotions and passion.

We must be willing to make sacrifices.

For the love of country, be active. Get involved in the political process. Vote. Volunteer. Lend yourself to a cause. Give back

As a Father, spend time with your children. Teach them to use their minds. Educate them about your culture. Show them to cultivate strong and positive values.

As a friend, show up! Be present in the lives of your friends. Call. Visit. Be an ear, be a shoulder, be a voice of reason.

As a lover, allow the other person be himself/herself with you. You don’t always have to agree. Accept that.

Love only dies if we do not consciously replenish its source. It dies from absence, errors and betrayals.

Make an intentional effort to feed your passion, interests, relationships and commitments.


Remember Freedom is Peace; Optimism is Nature; Action is always within reach. BE MORE!

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