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Kunle Afolayan to Igbo pirates: May the wrath of God strike you all

Kunle Afolayan to Igbo pirates: May the wrath of God strike you all
April 07
10:25 2015

As social media was still reeling from the threats to Igbo from Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, ace movie director Kunle Afolayan took the opportunity to vent his frustrations against Igbo for supporting piracy.

The Oba of Lagos had threatened Igbo leaders into voting for his anointed candidate of the APC, saying “On Saturday, if anyone of you, I swear in the name of God, goes against my wish that Ambode will be the next governor of Lagos state, the person is going to die inside this water”.

In apparent support of the castigation of Igbo in Lagos state, Kunle posted the following statements on hisTwitter:  “You all sit on social media and run your mouth. Try and put your money into production and see how it feels. Scream tribalism if you like.

“You want to know, okay. The pirates already have October 1 and have been threatening the distributor that they will release this week.


“It is a fact that most of the pirates I see selling pirated CD’s and DVD’s are Igbo. One even threatened me after I seized my film from him. Why?

“We have written to the police, the NCC and other agencies. What’s the outcome? Nothing. Sure you are waiting for me to come beg to feed my family. Something drastic has to be done. Crucify yourself if you want to”

“May the wrath of God strike all of you. An average filmmaker put their all, I mean all, into making the film and some MF enjoy.


“They have released Phone Swap, Tango with Me, 30 days and many more. Most of you patronize these criminals and you come here to judge me.”

He got some moral support from veteran comedian Ali Baba, who he tweeted: When I talk say na our problem be this, some yoruba egbons told me to shut up. Then Amaka Igwe came to my rescue. I feel you.

However, the award-winning October 1 director realised that he made a big mistake after Twitter backlash and media reactions started rolling in thick. Then he began apologizing as profusely as his ranting: “Am really sorry If Igbo fans and friends feel offended. I am just so bitter and pained. I am truly sorry.

“I am a patriotic Nigerian and that I portray in all my movies. Phone Swap is even more of Igbo film than any other tribe. Again, I am sorry.


“Finally I stand to say my grievances has nothing to do with the trending Oba’s statement. It all came out of frustration. Sorry guys.”


  1. Chikelu Chikwe
    Chikelu Chikwe April 07, 12:19

    Tribalistic producer
    Making money off the Ibos and still insult them like Akiolu the supposed Oba of Lagos does
    Who says only the Ibos pirate films

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