LADOL MD asks UN to support private sector in developing countries

Amy Jadesimi, managing director of Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL), has urged the United Nations to support private sector companies in low income high growth economies such as Nigeria.

Jadesimi made the call while speaking at the sustainable development goal (SDG) business forum which held at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday.

She said the private sector in high growth countries are increasingly operating sustainably because of their “winning business strategy”.

Jadesimi said Ladol is a great case study of the significance and rapid impact indigenous sustainable business can have in high growth, low income markets.

Jademisi and some of the guests at the occasion

“Low income, high growth countries are the engine that will drive the world towards sustainability,” she said.

“The venerable institutions represented here should focus on preventing multinationals from colluding with certain government officials and politically exposed people in low income, high growth countries to impose monopolies in those countries that actively and maliciously stop the real private sector from participating in and bringing sustainability to these markets.

“I hope the UN will help enforce regulations against companies that violate human rights and perpetuate the worst practices of the status quo, while simultaneously focus on policies and solutions that engage and empower the real private sector companies in high growth markets to flourish.

“I urge the UN and the delegates present to focus on policies and solutions to effectively engage with and support the real private sector companies in these regions.”