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LaFiya Telehealth partners Tyto Care to improve telemedicine services in Nigeria

BY TheCable


LaFiya Telehealth and Tyto Care, digital healthcare platforms, have partnered to accelerate the depth of clinical care provided through telemedicine in Nigeria.

In a statement on Friday, the firms said the partnership will bring an integration of their services to enable remote examinations with live streaming, and consequently allow for a more precise and detailed prognosis and early diagnosis.

According to the platforms, this level of care is beyond what is offered through video consultations, improving access and the quality of healthcare provided.

The statement further noted that the patients and consumers will have access to digital prescriptions, drug delivery services, medical examinations and access to over 600 board certified medical doctors and specialists from Nigeria and abroad.


It added that the platform will enable patients to examine and diagnose themselves using their Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered TytoHome handheld examination device.

John Enoh, founder of LaFiya Telehealth, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged the adoption of telemedicine services in developing countries.

He said the latest exclusive integrations and newly designed workflows will allow healthcare providers to clinically come closer than ever before to patients during telehealth encounters.


“As COVID-19 wages war, and more patients and providers adopt telehealth and telemedicine, it is critical that we accelerate the depth of care that can be provided at home to keep patients and medical professionals safe in Nigeria and around the world. We are excited to partner with Tyto Care to treat patients remotely with in-depth, physical examinations during video visits,” Enoh said.

Dedi Gilad, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tyto Care, said, “By pairing the TytoHome handheld examination device with LaFiya Telehealth’s platform, healthcare solutions will be brought closer to consumers to provide the best home examination and diagnosis solutions.

“This will further revolutionize primary healthcare in Nigeria, as we contribute to improving health outcomes and experiences for both patients and clinicians.”


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