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Lai on hate speeches: If there is war today, none of us will escape

Lai on hate speeches: If there is war today, none of us will escape
June 17
19:29 2017

Lai Mohammed ,minister of information, has cautioned Nigerians against hate speeches, saying no citizen will escape if war breaks out in the country.


He gave the caution on Saturday while speaking at the ‘Lai Mohammed 10th annual ramadan lecture’ held in his country home, Oro, Kwara state.

The minister urged Nigerians to disregard those beating the drums of war through hate speeches.

Mohammed said the recent spate of inflammatory statements is not good for the country as they are “capable of causing division and war”.


He also called on Nigerians to work together despite their differences.

“In the last couple of months, we have witnessed the increase in inflammatory and hate speeches,” he said. “Hate speeches have been responsible for wars. Rwandan genocide where more than 800,000 people were killed was started by hate speeches.

“Like people say, wars are not really started by bullets, they are started by words of mouth. Nigeria is too big and God has a purpose for making us one and we shall remain united.


“There will be differences, but like the Yoruba says, ‘Ori bibe ko ni ogun ori fifo’ (beheading is not antidote to headache).

“We have been living together peacefully and we will continue to live together, because we have a lot to gain by being united.

“If there is war today, none of us will escape whether you are young or old whether you are Yoruba, Igbo of Hausa.”

Mohammed further pointed out that the lecture was “unique” as those in attendance cut across various religions and denominations.


He described this as an indication that Nigerians can work and live together irrespective of religious beliefs.


  1. Olufemi Abidakun
    Olufemi Abidakun June 17, 19:56

    How I wish Mr Lai Mohammed could bring back to mind his “conflicted”speeches and press statements afore his appointment as minister and government apologist

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  2. Ebi Bekee
    Ebi Bekee June 18, 14:00

    Is Lai Mohammad and APC not propagandists of Hate speeches. Check the records pre 2015 election.

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