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Lawan: Elites want Nigeria divided — but the masses believe in unity

Lawan: Elites want Nigeria divided — but the masses believe in unity
April 03
21:48 2021

Senate President Ahmad Lawan says the elites are the ones pushing for Nigeria’s breakup. 


Addressing journalists on Saturday, Lawan said the ordinary citizens believe that the country should remain as one contrary to calls for secession.

“I believe that majority of Nigerians believe that they should stay together – and I mean the ordinary Nigerians,” Lawan said in his hometown in Yobe state.

“These are people who believe in the unity of this country. But the elites is where the problem is.


“The elites will tell you, no, we have to secede. I believe that we should be fair to the multitude of Nigerians – those ordinary people of Nigeria.”

The senate president added the masses also desire to be led properly — and “we must give them a fair leadership.”

He said grievances of those calling for secession should always be addressed but added a caveat: “That is not likely to be the most popular position of the people from any part of the country.”


“So, I believe that unity of this country is non-negotiable,” he said.

Lawan’s statement re-echoes the views of President Muhammadu Buhari who has insisted that Nigeria is stronger together than apart.

Just as calls for secession has heightened in recent weeks, the president has continued to restate his commitment to ensuring that Nigeria never breaks up.



  1. add
    add April 04, 11:11

    You may be correct in what you said from your useless office because Nigerians Elite is corrupt to their bone MARROW. They can not be managed unless the future people do something to curb corruption. It is the masses who want division more than the so-called elite.

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  2. Ibeezim Uka
    Ibeezim Uka April 04, 12:37

    Your Excellency, on the contrary, the ones you label as ordinary Nigerians, more than the Nigerian elites, are leading the agitation for secession from a country where equity and justice have become extinct. As leaders we don’t wish a problem to go away just as the sun rises and darkness fades. No. We work out the solution by genuinely listening to the people we lead. Fortunately , they have the solution. Sadly yet, no one gives them a chance or a voice. Their search for a voice is reason why we have this chaos threatening the very foundation of our geopolity

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  3. Rochet
    Rochet April 05, 01:34

    As long as the President remains in office, the current agitations for separation and killings will not stop. Remove the President from office and peace will return to Nigeria.
    The group you referred to as ordinary Nigerians are pushing more for separation than the elites because the current state of insecurity and lack of welfare from the government affects them more than the elites.

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