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‘Good intentions but why cash?’ — mixed reactions as Disu, DCP Kyari’s replacement, is offered $10k gift

‘Good intentions but why cash?’ — mixed reactions as Disu, DCP Kyari’s replacement, is offered $10k gift
August 04
15:35 2021

Aloy Chife, an information technology expert, has promised Tunji Disu $10,000 on his appointment as head of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

Usman Alkali Baba, the inspector-general of police (IGP), had named Disu as head of the IRT following the suspension of Abba Kyari, who was popularly addressed as Nigeria’s super cop.

The Police Service Commission (PSC) had suspended Kyari on the recommendation of the IGP over his alleged relationship with Ramon Abbas, self-confessed international fraudster better known as Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi had alleged that he bribed Kyari to arrest and jail “one of his rivals in Nigeria after a dispute over a $1.1 million scam on Qatari business people”.


Kyari initially denied any wrongdoing, saying he never collected money from Hushpuppi but later deleted the Facebook post.

Excited by Disu’s appointment, Chife took to his Twitter handle to extol and congratulate him.

He described Disu as a “ray of hope” after which he promised him a cash gift on behalf of Nigerians and their “hopes for a professional police”.


Chife had also said in an earlier tweet in January that Disu is his most preferred person to serve as the IGP.

“News: IGPappoints Tunji Disu Head, Police Intelligence Response Team. Disu rising. A ray of hope for Nigeria,” Chife wrote.

“Congrats! @TunjiDisu1

“I’ll be giving you $10k in the name of long-suffering young Nigerians as a slight token of their affection and hopes for a professional police.


“There is no future for Nigeria unless it boasts a professional police service.

“Nations are built by a few good men in their chosen fields. And you, Mr Disu @TunjiDisu1 have an appointment with destiny.

“And we’re all desperate for your success.”


Chife’s gesture was followed by accolades for Disu as many Nigerians testified to his professionalism.

There were, however, some who expressed reservations about offering monetary gifts to Disu.

Below are some of the reactions.




  1. Oduge
    Oduge August 04, 18:18

    Tunji is a fine gentleman. He’s my friend and I know he won’t collect that money, I can bet it.

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  2. Criticalia
    Criticalia August 04, 20:12

    I am just wondering.
    Red that the officer TD, was born in 1960.
    The retirement age of a police man is 60 years of age or 35 years in service, whichever comes first.
    If this be the case, how many days does he have to serve in the new position before he is retired?
    As a matter of fact, he ought to have been retired last year.

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    • Ways Inc
      Ways Inc August 05, 09:37

      Did he join police from birth ni? His service in police can’t be up to 30 years. Pls try to verify the day they commission him into Police Force. Thanks.

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    • Eddy
      Eddy August 05, 12:02

      If there’s any such thing as Code of Conduct in the Nigeria Police Force, then this Greek gift he’s been promised by Chife should get him worried.
      Apart from the fact that it’s capable of compromising his official responsibility, it’s also rather too much of gift to a public officer whose conduct should be above board in all ramifications. The Code of Conduct should be unambiguous and categorical in spelling out the limit of amount of cash gifts police officers can collect from members of the public, to avoid compromising their integrity and loyalty to the security outfit.

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  3. Toma
    Toma August 05, 02:09

    Allow him to start his work first, when he leaves he will then be judged or remembered by what he has done

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  4. Concerned Mind
    Concerned Mind August 06, 07:09

    The truth is that POLICE NA POLICE, Period! He should be very careful not to go the ABBA KYARI ways.

    Let Disu n go out there and do his job as he is professionally expected.

    The society has come to start distracting him and stoking money at him.

    Please stay away from him so you evil men. Slow him to disagree his duty and effect the reform that is expected if him

    From there comments, I can see politics and performance by ethnicity and other sentiments are coming in unfortunately they is the mind of an average Nigerian of today.

    It’s either religious , zone, ethnicity ….

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