‘Let’s postpone Christmas and New Year’ and other Twitter reactions to MMM freeze

‘Let’s postpone Christmas and New Year’ and other Twitter reactions to MMM freeze
December 13
14:36 2016

Since online Ponzi scheme, MMM, announced on Tuesday that it was freezing the accounts of its members for one month, the social media has been charged with comments, particularly from those against the scheme.

From suggesting Christmas should be postponed to January and asking if Buhari or Jonathan be blamed for the sudden freeze, here’s how Nigerians are responding:


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  1. Oliver
    Oliver December 13, 20:52

    Very soon Nigeria media will carry it that MMM has crashed … While its on
    pause mode
    Have you taken you time to ask yourself why people pray for MMM to
    crash ..
    Hello0!!! Like what’s up wetin MMM do you ni
    Just crop of miscreants who hates to see your smiling back at the bank
    after getting help(GH)
    Okay still calm down ooo!!! Have you also wonder why medias or bank
    carry bad news on MMM crash blah blah …
    Simply becoz MMM dey hit their businesses down omo oya reason bank go
    say if you bank with them annually they will give 10-20% of your depo
    where you see 5%percent co …. Instead the remove saying its for
    maintenance fee all what are view
    Media nko!!! Who those one EPP kwanu # ojere
    All the need is something interesting to sale tmro
    Nonthing come out their side .. Baebi/ boo iff yo an MMM participant don’ t
    panic poverty na decision … Just keep pH since the system is on pause
    mode you won ‘t be match this is too bring back the system … Pause
    mode simply means when the amount of GH is more than the pH …
    System goes on pause mode ….so use your head plz. Direct from me
    Uchechukwu Innocent Oliver
    4 hrs

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