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Like leaders, like followers: The greed factor

Like leaders, like followers: The greed factor
August 14
06:46 2018

Each time an election is being conducted in Nigeria, it cuts through one’s heart how electorates allow themselves to be bought cheaply. Not long, I sat and reflected for hours—on the way electorates willingly allow themselves to be cheaply bought in Nigeria and I was able to see that it does not reflect ignorance and poverty. The truth is, both the oppressed and oppressors are greedy.

It is ravenousness that allows people throw their dignity to the winds, not poverty and ignorance. Those who are routinely being bought cheaply know that what they are doing is not good, but the greed in them keeps ridiculing and reducing them to nothing. Apart from greed, what else would make a people allow themselves to be bought with onions, three thousand (3000) naira, five thousand (5000) naira, pepper, groundnut oil, palm-oil…?

When are you going to stop selling your vote as a citizen of Nigeria? If your vote does not count, they wouldn’t have been buying it? After selling your own vote to those who detest you, then you and your children would suffer for the either next four (4) or eight (8) years. Each time you sell your vote, you are indirectly empowering your task-masters to continue to afflict you and your children. Each time you sell your vote, you are indirectly selling and sending your unborn children to slavery. And each time you sell your own vote, you are indirectly selling your voice, because your vote is your voice.

There is no difference between a terrorist and someone who sells his or her vote. How do I mean? A terrorist kills and you kill too by selling your singular and powerful vote. Each time you sell your vote to someone who would ultimately steal the needed money to build world-class hospitals for our people; you are deliberately killing folks—who would have benefitted from them. In fact, you are worse than corrupt politicians, because you are the one empowering them to keep milking Nigeria and Nigerians dry.

Some hours ago, I was glued to my television, watching a national shame. The newly elected chairman of the ruling party was boasting that he would remove Senator Bukola Saraki from office this week. The drama in both our politics and polity has greatly divided our people. Some Nigerians are queuing behind Senator Bukola Saraki; probably out of pity and loyalty while some Nigerians are queuing behind president Buhari, probably because of pity and loyalty too. As far as I am concerned, not an iota of them deserves our pity and loyalty. They are not fighting to remain in power because of the common man; they are fighting to remain in power because they are madly in love with more money and power. Remember, as it is in the leaders, so it is in the followers.

2019 elections have been abridged to defections, insults and impeachment while serious national issues are not being discussed and most Nigerians are unwittingly playing and nakedly dancing along. No one is talking about our comatose economy. No one is talking about how we are going to protect our defenseless citizens. No one is talking about how we are going to feed, clothe and house the weak amongst us. No one is talking about our epileptic power-supply. No one is talking about how we are going to construct world-class roads. And no one is talking about how we are going to make Nigeria work. Everything has been reduced to insults on national televisions and dailies. What a shame!

I opened my mouth wide as river Jordan during raining season, when the current chairman of the APC called Senator Bukola Saraki “Bukola.” They were both governors. Also, Senator Bukola Saraki is the number three citizen of Nigeria. And as far as I am concerned, he deserves to be honored—as long as he remains on that seat. Comrade Adams is not only ridiculing Senator Bukola Saraki, he is equally ridiculing his office and it is so cheerless and heartrending. One of the achievements of the APC is the ridiculing of sacred offices. And I am very sure that history is not going to be kind to those in the current ruling party.

Also, I really do not care two hoots—if Senator Bukola Saraki is removed (this moment) from the office he currently occupies. I do not care a hoot, because he is not in power for me. He is in power for himself, his wife, children and his people, so also president Buhari. What I am interested in, is good governance, because this is the only thing that affects me and our people directly.

Nigerians wake up and take your own destiny in your own hand! Do not let the PDP hoodwink and bamboozle you again and do not let the APC con and dupe you again. They are two sides of a coin. The only thing the APC has that the PDP does not have is a broom and the only the PDP has that the APC does not have is an umbrella. What you do with your vote come next year will either attract a blessing or curse in the days to come—from unborn generations of Nigerians. In 2019, kindly do not allow greed determine the person you are going to empower to become the next president of Nigeria. Think before you vote.


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