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Lilian Gabriel: How ‘man of God’ defrauded me of my life savings

James Ojo

Lilian Gabriel, the Nigerian actress and singer, has recounted how she lost her life savings to a self-acclaimed clergyman in Asaba, Delta state.

In a now-viral video, the actress said the incident happened on her way back to a location during the filming of an undisclosed project.

Lilian said she had met an elderly man who asked her about a hospital address.

The movie star added that she had decided to ask someone around if he could help the elderly man locate his destination to which the person did.


Lilian said when she left the scene to get something to eat, the same elderly man came back and told her that he has a vision for her.

She said the man, who would later claim to be a reverend father, divulged personal details about her life and said she would experience a miracle on her way back.

According to her, the man asked her to bring out her ATM card so he could pray on it for the miracle to manifest to which she obliged.


The actress said after the prayer, he instructed her to wrap the ATM card in paper and put it inside her purse to ensure it would not be stolen from her.

Lilian added that unknown to her, the man had swapped her ATM card while he was leading the prayer.

In the video, the entertainer said it was not long after the encounter with the elderly man that she started getting debit alerts from her bank.

“When I saw a debit alert, I was like what did I do with my money because I didn’t visit any bank or use a POS machine prior to that,” she said.

“I was still checking when I got another debit alert… behold, this man just debited my lifetime savings. The money that I have been saving all this while, he just collected it from me for no reason.”

Gabriel said she had approached her bank but was told nothing could be done.

The actress went on to rain curses on the said “cleric” for defrauding her of her life savings.

“I cried when I got home but I know it won’t solve the problem. I also went to the bank but they said they cannot do anything. They also said even if I report at the police station, nothing would be done,” she added.


“Then, I laid a curse on that man. I cursed him in the spirit of my late mum and dad because he used it against me and also used God’s name. I know he will come across this video, wherever you are, your cup is already filled up.

“This is your last bus stop and I pray God will surely judge you. The cry of an orphan will never go in vain.”

She also enjoined the public to borrow a leaf from her experience whenever they are in a similar situation.

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