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Why Lilian got kicked out of BBA

Why Lilian got kicked out of BBA
October 20
18:01 2014

It may have come as a shock to Lilian Afegbai, the first Nigeria representative at the Big Brother Africa house to get evicted after just two weeks, but it wasn’t such a surprise to those who watched her in the house.

Going in with the belief that ‘sexy Lily’ is a fun-loving, entertaining party animal who would ‘twerk’ her way to the hearts of BBA lovers, the female Nigerian representative felt untouchable, forgetting that her role model, Beverly Osu, 2013 Nigerian BBA representative, played it cool, at least for the first few weeks of the show.

Beverly, the music video vixen/actress, was definitely a party animal like Lilian, but there was something about her that stood her out — her social skills.

Bev (for short) may be tagged a couple of names but she sure knew how to play the game. It was obvious that she wouldn’t win but she wasn’t ready to get evicted and she knew the best way to go about it, and she succeeded to the extent that she was never put up for eviction, throughout the 91 days, the show lasted.


Although, Lilian only received three nominations that placed her up for eviction, but her lack of decorum did her chances little help.

In just two weeks, we had learnt so much about the ‘exotic dancer’ that was also a big blabber. She revealed that her mum is a police officer, that her father is a 75 year-old retired police officer, and that she is friends with 2face and his wife, Annie.

The 22-year-old also felt it wise to refer to her fellow female housemates as “fake a.. bi….” in comparison with South Africa’s Samantha, who was rather caring to her by always looking out for her. There was also her very foul language use, when her rap-book got missing.


Not one to be okay with being in the losing team or tagged a loser, there were occasions when Lily went on a rant, blaming every other person for their failure while never accepting her own part in the fall. I guess she forgot Africa was watching and no one likes the role of a Judas, especially as she revealed more of her discontent to ‘Biggie’ during her diary sessions.

Lilian 3

Lilian receiving a buttock massage

As a fan of the show, Lily ought to have learnt from Beverly, who was heavily criticized for her blabbing, in-your-face-dancing/twerking, and flirtatious moves. Surely, she could care less, as she entered the show with ‘twerking’, always professing her love for it by singing and rapping about it. Barely after a day, she received a sensual buttock massage, gave and received multiple lap-dances from the men, which she loved so much that she even considered teaching it.

Such character traits may not matter in other parts of the World, but it’s no secret Nigerians are quite judgmental . One may then wonder why former Nigerian BBA representative, Karen Igho, who was also outspoken, won BBA Amplified in 2011. Well, Karen spoke her mind without much foul words and always apologised to the offended party, while Beverly made it to the last day despite her lack of decorum and blabbing mouth because she related well with the housemates, which made her escape eviction. Without a doubt, Beverly, like Lilian, would have been evicted if not for her social skills.



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