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Linda Ikeji: Pressure to get married makes me feel like going to husband market

Linda Ikeji: Pressure to get married makes me feel like going to husband market
August 10
20:54 2016

Linda Ikeji, celebrity blogger, has admitted that she’s under “intense pressure” to find a husband.

Ikeji, whose marital status has been a recurring subject of public discourse, says she is fed up of being constantly prodded by “family and friends” to get married.

The famous blogger spoke on the subject, ‘Pressure To Marry Before 30’, alongside two other women, in a recent feature on Genevieve Magazine.

“Marriage is not an achievement. There is so much more to life than being someone’s wife,” Ikeji said defiantly while also underscoring the importance of settling down.


“Get married please, but don’t be pressured into it.”

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji says marriage counselors should “mind their business”

Seemingly unnerved by her own personal experience, Ikeji further said: “I don’t know how many of you single girls are under pressure to get married but I am. Pressure from family, friends and people who just can’t mind their business.

“The pressure is so intense right now I feel like going to husband market – if there is any such thing – to buy myself some breathing space. Give me a break, you people.”


Chigurl, a comedian, singer and actress, believes women allow themselves to be affected by the constant nagging of relatives and parents.

“In my opinion, the pressure is not a fabrication. It is very real. After you have won aso-ebi about a million times, you begin to wonder when it is going to be your turn to sell aso-ebi too. And when you factor in mums and aunties constantly reminding you about the shelf life of women. It gets to you, even if it is just a bit.”


Chigul says women allow themselves to be pressured into marriage

She argued that marriages are prone to failure when a couple is pressured to walk down the aisle.

“People may even suggest some very strange things to you to do to ‘earn’ marriage. Well, I have come to realise that we allow ourselves to be pressured.


“The decision to get married should not be taken because you are being pressured, that could lead to a disaster. Don’t let anyone make you go into anything you are not ready for or your joy may be short-lived. And to those mounting pressure on others to go and get married, there is simply no justification for your behaviour.”

Betty Irabor, publisher of Genevieve Magazine, contributed in form of a counsel to single women who are consumed with nothing but thoughts of marriage.

According to Irabor, every woman requires marriage education from the “school of life” and as such, being unmarried by 30 is not such a big deal.

Betty Irabor advises women not to worry about being unmarried by 30

Betty Irabor advises women not to worry about being unmarried by 30

“I don’t think women should be worried about being married before 30 because many women before that age have not yet gone through the school of life which prepares them for marriage,” she said.


In Africa and some other parts of the world, society tends to view an unmarried woman as being incomplete, however, the cloud of modernity is slowly changing the trite belief.



  1. Matthew Heavenslight
    Matthew Heavenslight August 11, 00:22

    Dear Linda Ikeji,
    It’s amazing the power of love. You just did it on me. I never used to think I could fall in love through the distance, let alone a distant celebrity. But you just did it! I saw you, and I said to myself, “Who’s she?” Only to read the caption and find the name. Glad I came online when I did. Just know that someone somewhere admires and cherishes you. I loved the person before I found your identity. Just for who and what I see in you through the distance. Not for today for for an enduring future. I may be a dummy, but this I love; I love you.
    From a distant admirer with love!
    Matthew T. Heavenslight.

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  2. Olabyname
    Olabyname August 11, 02:50

    Marriage is good institution to embark on Linda, u need to listen to their advice, it will do u more good than being single, wat u only need is to pray to God for Godly man that will add glamour to ur vision.

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  3. PapaQ
    PapaQ August 11, 09:33

    Linda is in trouble and any man that agrees to marry her is already in trouble. Something is missing in her life and that thing is HUMILITY. Until she finds it and live it her marriage, whenever it shall be will not last long.

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    • Anon
      Anon August 11, 13:13

      Your comment..agent of doom.its ur marriage dt wl nt last.jst bc she snaps pic of her blessings and post online makes her proud?u dt post d pic of ur baby etc nko?u post wat God gave u and she posts wat God gave her.ppl shld free d girl.u wl do d worst if u re in her shoe.dear linda,God wl visit u wt d best hubby.

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  4. labe
    labe August 11, 13:48

    Linda, just be yourself and be careful definitely you will get the right person when the time comes

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    • efe Kelvin
      efe Kelvin August 11, 16:36

      I hate dat word the right person will come…is she perfect?is it because of what she has or what?if she like let her marry or she should not…let me tell her if her mother did not marry…would there be Linda keji?

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  5. efe Kelvin
    efe Kelvin August 11, 16:20

    Not gud

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  6. efe Kelvin
    efe Kelvin August 11, 16:52

    Marriage is not an achievement Fyn….so you want to achieve the world before you settle down right,let me tell the saying….Am not too rich not too poor but am too content for a living….dis life is sweet when u don’t have too much ..just be ok.get married give us another you ok..

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  7. Paulo
    Paulo August 12, 10:07

    So many marriage counselors on this post, the very thing she complained about. Hmmmm. Money can’t buy you a man. It’s through prayer that God brings the man. It will be well with you.

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  8. VIVA
    VIVA August 12, 12:37


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  9. funkeyceo
    funkeyceo August 13, 07:22

    Linda come m marry me oooo. m single and searching

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  10. chizzy
    chizzy August 13, 14:20

    Your comment..put everything in Gods hands.

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  11. Pattoo
    Pattoo August 18, 05:37

    I certainly admire this VERY picture where the psychedelic lady placed her sharp pointed right high heel shoe on a leather couch. A closer look will reveal how uncaring for sophisticated house furniture she showed. Such a shoe heel cannot be friendly to the leather. Why can’t she reason and consider a better spot to place her shoe at showing off? Would a home caring young or old man be attracted to marry a leg on leader like this woman? Let us be clear, considering to marry evaluates many of the attitudes that bring forward or throw out a guy. No matter how you take it, marriage is a big deal and must be prepared for to occur in woman’s world to fulfil a family dream. Among the Igbo of Nigeria, an umarried woman is a consequential misfortune. Worse if a man fails to marry significantly.

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  12. The Don
    The Don September 24, 02:52

    Hi Linda,it’s true that the life cycle of a woman is likened to a flower. It flourishes,blossoms & very attractive at first.With passage of time,weather & other inherent factors, it begins to fade& become less,fame,power are ephemeral& transient. marriage is real & eternal. Don’t despise marriage my lovely sister.1 chases a thousand, 2 chase ten thousand.What a mystery.

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  13. jp
    jp November 04, 12:06

    Only there are no husband markets…

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  14. sharp
    sharp November 08, 14:42

    Getting married is not all about time. is all about the kind and type of man you want in life. it takes the grace of God not counting time because when you count time you will surely be under pressure to marry.
    marriage is a sacrament not an achievement. it is all about understanding what you really want and the divine grace of God.

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