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March with courage

March with courage
March 20
12:57 2018

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Ever since the release of the African themed superhero hero movie; Black Panther, the world has been agog as it keeps on breaking records upon records.

I finally got to see the movie last week, as I could no longer bear missing out on all the private jokes and ‘Wakanda’ remarks.

It does take a lot of courage to have a predominantly black cast in a major budget movie in present times.

Many a time, we get bogged down by the ‘what ifs’ whenever we have to make decisions. We start off by feeding our fears, thinking of the worst possible outcomes, and sometimes we get to the point where we do not act. Yes, the Titanic sank, but it was the largest ship afloat at the time it entered service. Today, larger ships exist because someone had the courage to try again.

The past and present are replete with stories of achievements that exceed human boundaries and limitations, and what this shows us is the possibility that exists in every human endeavor.

Why then do we still first feed our fears?

Fear is an emotional response to something we perceive to be harmful, painful or dangerous.

How are we able to transcend from this plane of fear to one where we’re able to take decisions in spite of feelings of uncertainty?

It helps when you ask questions such as

  1. What limitations do I have from holding on to this fear(s)?
  2. Has this fear helped me in the past? If so, how did it help me?
  3. What would be the benefit for eliminating this fear?

When you answer these questions (and many more), you are well on your way to overcoming your fears and not being daunted by failure.

Focus on the big picture.

March with courage.

Remember Freedom is Peace; Optimism is Nature; Action is always within reach. BE MORE!

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