Militant group threatens to disrupt elections in Bayelsa

militant group in Bayelsa militant group in Bayelsa

A militant group, which identified itself as ‘The Force of Egbesu’, has threatened to disrupt the general election

In a video message on Sunday, the group, which had some armed masked men gathered together in an area that appeared to be a creek, said its origins are from Bayelsa.

The group also said the federal and state governments know what to do to prevent their “madness”.

“This video that I’m doing, Mr. President listen to me and listen very good. Also, you governors in the Niger Delta,” a man with a masked covering said.


“I’m the force of Egbesu, I’m doing this video for Bayelsa state and also the president. This upcoming election, if the governor and the president do not know what to do, I’m the force of Egebsu, I’m readying myself.

“Look at my war boats; these are my fighters. I’m getting myself ready always — 24 hours. I’m coming for you people for the election if you don’t know what to do. And the president, if you know what to do, come to me. Also, governor, come to me, unless there would be no election for the Bassan clan.

“This upcoming election, there will be bloody election in Bassan clan, Southern Ijaw local government. You know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, sorry for you. Expect my madness for the election day.”

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