Misplaced your passport? You don’t have to go to Abuja again

Misplaced your passport? You don’t have to go to Abuja again
June 02
20:43 2016

Muhammad Babandede, the new comptroller-general of the Nigeria immigration service (NIS), says he has authorised state commands to replace lost passports, and also commence change of name due to marriage.

Both exercises were hitherto done in Abuja.

Babandede also pledged to decentralise and eliminate corruption at all passport offices in the country, saying reorganisation of the passport offices, was part of the sweeping reforms that has been embarked on by his administration.

The immigration boss disclosed this at a programme in Abuja  on Thursday.


“Approval for replacement of lost passports shall henceforth be given by state comptrollers after online vetting and processing of application at the Passport Division in the Service’s headquarters,” he said.

“The minister of interior, Rtd Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau has tasked me to embark on this reform.

“We have taken stock of previous reforms, so what we are doing now is to decentralise the process, so that everybody does not need to come to Abuja for their passport.


“You know this creates tension in the system and even encourages corruption because of the pressure.”

The Immigration boss said that as part of efforts to root out corruption at passport offices, the official fees/categories of passports will henceforth be displayed at various passport offices to ensure transparency.

According to him, the 64 page e-passport still costs N20,000, 32 page booklet costs N15,000 (18-60 years) while those below 18 years and above 60 years cost N8, 750.

He urged Nigerians to insist on paying the official fees at the designated passport offices or pay online at the official immigration website to avoid exploitation by touts and agents.


Babandede said the NIS was also working to ensure availability of all categories of passport booklets, especially the 32 page booklet which is always in high demand “to avoid any confusion”.

He said additional passport offices will also be opened in state commands where the existing passport office is getting overwhelmed with demand to ensure efficient service delivery.


  1. dubbysgurl
    dubbysgurl June 03, 21:34

    Weldone I don’t need to go to abuja to change my name due to marriage

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  2. Ibrahim abdulhamid
    Ibrahim abdulhamid June 04, 01:17

    Please you also have to look into issues of correction on passport

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  3. sanjay
    sanjay June 04, 04:06

    Good job! More grease to you elbow.

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  4. Nnukwu Ugo
    Nnukwu Ugo June 04, 09:34

    Thank you Sir for your good work.
    I have already paid 195,000 nair for last of my passport since February this year. Still yet i have not goting my passport. I did the passport in Abuja. I travele from east to abuja.please i need a help on how i can get my passport.

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  5. Mutty
    Mutty June 05, 14:26

    What is the official immigration website

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  6. chukwumere paul chinonso
    chukwumere paul chinonso June 05, 15:38

    Pls i lost my passport, help me check.above name.

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  7. omen
    omen June 06, 19:00

    Good one, nice to know tins can be better in this country. Imagine just bc of change of name someone will travel to Abj in dis age n time Vv thank God things are changi for d bett

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  8. Katem
    Katem June 19, 11:11

    A very welcome development. Thank God for the appointment of the new NIS boss, who is bent of stamping out the monumental corruption in NIS. May God empower him to implement his laudable reform of NIS in a holistic manner.

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  9. coach solo
    coach solo June 19, 16:03

    This is beautiful, i really wonder how organisation could be so corrupt from toe to head. Imagine 32 page ???? passport of #15000, a so call senior officer was swearing to me that it was #35000. And as soon as the passport was out, he still collected #5000 as his own commission.
    This corruption has already entered their blood, the only way out is to transfer all the officers in all the passport offices nation while.

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  10. Mutty
    Mutty June 29, 18:03

    Could you the official website of Nigerian immigration

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  11. Jay4real
    Jay4real August 25, 13:54

    This is a welcome development, I urge the NIS boss to make the online payment more effective in respect of payment processing time and receiving the transaction acknowledgement within mins of initiating the process.

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  12. the7th
    the7th September 28, 16:56

    I lost my passport too, I want to know how much it costs to get it replaced. thank y’all.

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  13. daniel
    daniel September 29, 20:16

    I lost my passport some years ago pls can I get another one without going to abuja

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  14. ADEOLA
    ADEOLA October 07, 14:42


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  15. jameschiagozie
    jameschiagozie November 06, 17:42

    I lost my passport but i don’t have my code off hand please help me out am desperate.

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  16. afable
    afable November 18, 15:55

    how many hours does lost passport last after scaning and thumb print

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  17. Mikky
    Mikky November 25, 13:23

    I am Michael Michaelfrom Akwa Ibom State, Please I was robbed alongside my ECOWAS Passport, Please How do I get it back

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  18. Iyke Montino
    Iyke Montino December 28, 23:18

    Great Job, well done Sir.
    My middle name was wrong spelled on my passport. Can it be able to change/correct now in Lagos where I live?
    How much and what are other requirements?

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  19. aishling
    aishling January 10, 03:45

    What way can date of birth be changed

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  20. melissa perry
    melissa perry January 24, 09:26

    please i misplace my passport number and i will like to do a new one but i don,t know the passport number thanks

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  21. okolie Emmanuel nnamdi
    okolie Emmanuel nnamdi January 30, 18:02

    I lost my passport here in South Africa

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  22. Islander
    Islander February 16, 09:54

    It’s a good development, for the prices of the passport it’s ridiculous out there. The least you can get a new passport is 30,000. Please see to that, its frustrating.

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  23. lexy
    lexy February 20, 16:49

    Corruption has been institutionalised at Nigeria Immigration. Im sure even the Comptroller General himself knows that you CANNOT get passport anywhere in this country for N15000. By the way I just paid N65,000 for 32 page renewal plus change of name for my wife. Add all the other settlement, we spent over N70,000. NIS is one of the most parastatals I’ve met so far in this country.

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  24. JULIET
    JULIET February 20, 22:22

    Please help me I submitted my passport for damages since January and up till now I haven’t got it back please help I need it urgently and it so important please I really need help my number is …08062178466 thanks …please sir I need help

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  25. kazeem
    kazeem February 27, 17:41

    please can anyone tell me how i can get a new passport,i lost the old one

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    I am ILENEKHIAN THEODORE ODION from Edo State, Please I was robbed alongside my ECOWAS Passport, Please How do I get it back, please this is really very important to me right now pls i need help

    this is my contact

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  27. Forbeskiddies
    Forbeskiddies March 24, 07:57

    Please I want to know if it’s a must I do a change of name if my passport has not expire ! Thanks

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  28. Tony
    Tony April 02, 07:58

    I want to correct the information on my Nigeria passport date of birth and my name but I’m not in Nigeria i leave in Germany… i want to use the information on my residence permit here on my passport

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  29. Vaughan
    Vaughan April 22, 10:58

    God bless those behind this .i am so so happy. Am speechless

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  30. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel April 22, 17:54

    I lost my passport in 2015 and I even fogort my passport number,How do I get replace it please contact me on this Email [email protected] or call me on this number:08166668837 thanks.

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  31. Yinka dami
    Yinka dami June 02, 04:21

    Please I lost my passport on teusday…. I need to use it first thing on Monday or teusday…. What do I do…. Inbox me if u have solutions on [email protected]… Thanks

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  32. bakare
    bakare June 28, 16:37

    I want to correct the information on my Nigeria passport date of birth and my name but I’m not in Nigeria i leave in france… i want to use the information on my residence permit here on my passport

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  33. donkelvin
    donkelvin July 02, 15:48

    Please i lost my passport and i contacted an immigration office for the replacement and to told to pay 70000 thausand naira but am not too sure of her i need a guidiance on how to replay my lost passport

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  34. joesbaby
    joesbaby July 14, 12:27

    please i lost my passport and would like to know how to get another one and the requirement……kindly reach me on this email address if possible [email protected]….regards

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    • sege
      sege August 27, 12:21

      I lost my passport,can I be reissued another one in Ilorin passport office.what is the requirement,how much for 32 pages and how long will I get it

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  35. Mike
    Mike July 20, 08:48

    What can I do to get back my lost e-passport without my data just my names,please help me out sir.

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  36. Ralpho
    Ralpho August 15, 07:15

    please I wanted to change my surname on my passport I went to passport office in Lagos I was told to go to Abuja I have done change of name since 2011 but a fellow who did the same thing in Abuja parted with 150k I consider this outrageous and totally irresponsible please I it possible to get this done in Lagos now

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  37. sege
    sege August 27, 10:09

    I lost my passport and I need replacement.I live in Ilorin can I apply here in ilorin.what is the process,I need 32 pages how much and how long can I get it?

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  38. loveLovely time
    loveLovely time September 07, 14:05

    I Lost my passport and i want to change my name and my date of birth and i forgot my passport number any solution thanks

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  39. Abiodun
    Abiodun September 24, 02:19

    I missed place my international passport and there’s a mistakes on date of birth also, please what’s going to cost me to get it back? I have the passport number with me. Thanks

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  40. Hololadey
    Hololadey October 29, 12:35

    Please I need your help in enlighten me on how I can change my surname and third name including my date of birth. thanks

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  41. olamide
    olamide November 13, 10:18

    Wao. So many people as victim on this.. Sometimes, u av to pay more. So far it gets u wat u want… U don’t always av to see it as corruption except its not paramount for u. God forbid, my child needs blood to renain alive and government says its free. On getting to the blood bank, I was told its 18k even though I was told that’s its free and withbme, I av 5k and my iPhone 7. My dear, I will sell the iPhone 7 13k to join the 5k… That’s where we see it as corruption but sometimes its the only way out. What we need now is for government to make things easy for us. Let us have d opportunity to solve our problems in our states. I just retrieved my lost passport and I thank God just after 5yrs.

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  42. Eniola
    Eniola June 17, 06:46

    Your comment..Good morning sir/ma I am writing u in respect of my lost e_passport that I lost 2017 august and I don’t have passport number on my head,sir is there anyway they can help me to retrieve it back . my names are Eniola Babatunde Atanda

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  43. BBK
    BBK June 27, 01:55

    Please I need your help in enlighten me on how I can change my surname and third name including my date of birth. thanks

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