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Have you ever said something and meant something else?

Even while you said it you knew it wasn’t exactly what you meant to say, but somehow it was said anyway and even your own explanation did not make sense to you.  Otherwise, you’d rather pretend like its ok and hope no one asks any questions and if they do, you have a ready defense even though you know you should explain.

It happens, it’s happened before and it may happen again.

So what’s to do? What now?

Here’s what it is. It’s an emotion called pride.  Pride?

You’re just too proud to admit your mistake or too proud to show or say what you really feel. Honestly, it happens to the best of us.

It is a thief of authenticity.

Each time you yield to pride, a part of your authentic self is robbed of expression. The danger with this is that it can be so robbed of expression that it goes into isolation. If you’re not careful, that part of you could go extinct.

How is that possible?

You know the phrase ‘lose myself,’   For example:    ‘I lost myself;’ ‘I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore,’

‘She used to be so easy going;’ Really? who?  ‘I’ve never seen that side of her.’

Exactly, it could disappear altogether. Go extinct.

She probably was too proud to say what or show how she really felt one time too many that her authentic voice lost its expression.

Pride is an emotion you have to put in perspective and deal with, in the smallest things like letting it go and leaving room for ambiguity, seize that moment instead. Go over it again. Explain. Be explicit. Say it as it is.

Remember, Freedom is Peace, Optimism is Nature. Action is always within reach

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