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MMM Nigeria prepares for comeback, asks users to hit social media

MMM Nigeria prepares for comeback, asks users to hit social media
January 03
21:43 2017

MMM Nigeria, the most popular Ponzi scheme in Nigeria, is preparing to resume operations after freezing the accounts of its participants in mid-December.


The scheme, via its website, asked participants, whose accounts were frozen, to perform “Promo Tasks: A New Tool for MMM Community Development”.

The tasks, which would be done both online and offline, is expected to promote the scheme and drive “traffic and participation” by the time the handlers lift the freeze on January 13, 2017.

In a statement on it website, the handlers said: “Being an MMM member implies not only opportunities, but also a responsibility for the state and development of the MMM Community. MMM is our home, and we are responsible to build and refine it.


“A lot of participants genuinely want to promote MMM, spread its ideology amongst people, though not always knowing what exactly has to be done. Therefore we have created a new PromoTasks section in the PO, which is added with various tasks: online and offline, easy and complicated, individual and team-oriented.

MMM NIgeria promo task

“A member who will perform these tasks will be benefited, because the tasks will allow him to attract new referrals, build his structure (and get bonuses for that), and it will be useful the whole Community, because more people will learn about MMM and its ideology.”


MMM Nigeria handlers also said via the statement that a “task may guide a member to join a Facebook group and write a comment to create some tweets on Twitter, like a YouTube video, share news on Google Plus, and make your website”.

“There are also offline tasks: conducting home sharings, cafe meetings, organizing MavroPicnics, MavroParties or MavroGames,” it said.

“Doing the tasks you contribute to the Community’s progress. Thanks to you and other members doing the tasks, MMM gains more popularity in social media and gets more registrations and PHs. MMM needs you and depends on your activity!

“It is obvious that the activity of MMM Nigeria members is growing. MMM is very proud of its members who are becoming kinder and more responsible. By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!”



  1. Examplify
    Examplify January 04, 07:48

    Great one..the media can do more than criticizing oh

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  2. zara
    zara January 04, 12:03

    Your comment..bravo to the media

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  3. Sirpre
    Sirpre January 04, 12:39

    MMM and its Participants are formidable as ever.
    Goodbye to financial slavery, long live MMM

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  4. akinyemi
    akinyemi January 04, 13:39

    Welcome Back mmm-nigeria, We can do a lot together.

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  5. Gee
    Gee January 04, 14:56

    Mmm for life…. God bless this community so much.

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  6. Sir jones
    Sir jones January 04, 16:00

    Your comment..well, i’m still keeping my fingers crossed & struggling 2 recover frm december shock.

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  7. Cashbee
    Cashbee January 04, 16:03

    Your comment..welcome back the great financial manipulator

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    • mos omole
      mos omole January 04, 17:30

      this was introduced to me by a frend 2yrs ago which l refused to join only for my friend to tell me recently that he lost about 1600 dollars. Please people be very careful of this scham

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      • heavy
        heavy January 05, 08:38

        mind you,he was told to participate with spare money…am sure he wont tell you that.

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      • babadee
        babadee January 05, 14:11

        Your friend must have committed the offence of multiple accounts and was placed on moratorium, you cant loose money in MMM except if he/she registered on a fake website.

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  8. ojente
    ojente January 04, 18:36

    mmm, to me is the hope of a common man.

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  9. merrytech
    merrytech January 04, 19:21

    I surely know that mmm Nigeria will come back

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  10. menex
    menex January 04, 20:08

    MMM is the best thing that have ever happened to Nigerian . MMM gave hope to the hopeless youths, reason to live to the frustrated populace. Job to the jobless, food to the poor and hungry once. Etc. Those against MMM are all enemy of progress. Long Live MMM

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  11. WEYDEM
    WEYDEM January 04, 20:14

    We will surprise the nation……………

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  12. Sweet mother
    Sweet mother January 04, 21:58

    The future of MMM Depends on us. With sincerity and determination let us support the scheme. MMM Nigeria will survive in spite of critics who are ignorant of the program

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    • Chu
      Chu January 05, 11:06

      Long live MMM Nigeria, as a matter of fact, MMM is a pyramid that is perfectly okay at this point in time due to lack of jobs in the society. The Russian mavro is working fine cos I just PH and it went through.

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  13. kel4x
    kel4x January 04, 23:43

    Long Live MMM.. We have hope cause that’s what MMM has given us.. Hope Hope Hope.. MMM is back

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  14. Bigmouth
    Bigmouth January 05, 01:27

    why is mmm activity describe as a ponzi scheme? Just curious!

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  15. Agathrich
    Agathrich January 05, 04:28

    MMM…. We change the world together. You rock 24/7. I believe u return by 14th will be stronger and bigger.

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  16. Abiano
    Abiano January 05, 06:54

    No govt can stop the good work MMM Nigeria has vow to do for us Nigerians, our useless govt has failed from the beginning trying to give MMM Nigeria bad name

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  17. olamide
    olamide January 05, 07:22

    Your comment..I believe in mmm Nigeria. mmm pays. long life mmm Nigeria

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  18. collincino
    collincino January 05, 07:42

    Mmm has saved a lot of lives considering the problems Nigeria is facing nw…. hope hope hope to d common man especially the youths that d govt doesn’t have plan for…. move forward mmmm

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  19. Taiwo
    Taiwo January 05, 09:06

    God bless Mmm

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  20. Lord Wilfred
    Lord Wilfred January 05, 09:21

    God sent manna for Israelites in the wildernesses, He now send Sir Sergey Mavrodi to the common men in this recession.
    long live mmm

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  21. sir emman
    sir emman January 05, 09:28

    Am so happy for that oo
    mmm you’re Welcome back

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  22. drilldabit
    drilldabit January 05, 10:13

    Long live mmm.thank God for mmm.

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  23. jon
    jon January 05, 10:29

    MMM nigeria is medium of survival to common man, especially Nigeria who has no regard for poor nigerians who are struggling to make headway in their careers, as they use security agencies to threat Nigeria citizens by banning OKADA, taxi, market women and men.
    Therefore, making life unbearable for common man. MMM is hope for survival, and MMM is coming to stay and will live forever. long live MMM and big thanks to the leaders behind the anchor ????

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  24. philip
    philip January 05, 11:34

    Trust and patience are d two key words of mmm said Mr. mayowa Tijani d nber 2 of mmm naija.

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  25. Olasco
    Olasco January 05, 11:40

    wow,mmm welcome back to nation, together we changed the world.

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  26. buzzie
    buzzie January 05, 11:43

    i pray dt mmm should come back because i used my school fees to PH. PLEASE COME BACK OOOOOOO

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  27. onile
    onile January 05, 11:48

    mmm you are highly wellcome,those people dat talking bad about mmm they wil shame when you resume back on 14th of this month.bcos ota lulu baje fun mi nipa mm yi sugbon oba oluwa ni koje kodun.long live mmm& long live to me

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  28. ejikunle
    ejikunle January 05, 13:34

    Your happy that mmm Nigeria is coming back for good. you have helped so many lives. mmm Nigeria all the way!!!

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  29. wapsy
    wapsy January 05, 13:43

    Your god people are crazy cause they call MMM different names like Moku. Mogbe. Modaran well shame to them all …welcome back MMM nigeria

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  30. josco
    josco January 05, 13:48

    Your comment..All thanks to last our detractors will be put to shame.all hail mmm.we will be strong as a family again.

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  31. StarG
    StarG January 05, 15:36

    Wow! My favorite mmm Nigeria is coming back at last. God is Great. Thanks…… MMM remain blessed ooooo

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  32. Nwosu J.Cc
    Nwosu J.Cc January 05, 15:42

    seeing is believing. Let us keep our fingers crossed till 14th Jan. 2017

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  33. Niyi
    Niyi January 05, 16:02

    Mmm is real welcome back mavrodia

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  34. floxy
    floxy January 05, 17:03

    Wow what a good news mmm is back for real.

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  35. fejichuks
    fejichuks January 05, 17:09

    MMM all the way…. I’m so happy at last come and put and end to financial instability and slavery…welcome back home in advance!!!!!!

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  36. fejichuks
    fejichuks January 05, 17:18

    I’m glad MMM is finally coming back welcome back home…. :mmm all the way#we will never get tired of supporting you

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  37. Eskay
    Eskay January 05, 18:05

    Welcome back MMM. together we can change Nigeria. Welcome to a new world of equity

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  38. Babyb
    Babyb January 05, 19:00

    Pls oooooo my 500k oooooo when mmm comes back I will still ph no shaking long live mmm

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  39. Isaac
    Isaac January 05, 21:01

    No controversy i am sure MMM Nigeria will come back with full force dis January 2017 by God Grace.Me and almost 20 of my down lines have PH since 2 week ago and we will make the payment immediately merge / GOD BLESS NIGERIA ,GOD BLESS MMMM

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  40. Governor
    Governor January 05, 21:42

    If properly managed, mmm Nigeria may live beyond expectations. All will need is that the guiders should be more determined and sacrificial sometimes especially when the need arises and the scheme will run smoothly without any obstruction.
    Together we will get there.

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  41. stan
    stan January 05, 22:05

    wow, im amazed b the level of support mmm is getting if we all cotinue diz wa the d sky is d limit of mmm

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  42. king
    king January 05, 23:23

    well come back

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  43. Festino
    Festino January 06, 14:01

    MMM is really changing lives. Am happy that it will be back.together we will change Nigeria and the world. Long live MMM Nigeria.

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  44. gee
    gee January 06, 14:15

    Weda u talk bad abt mmm, it will liv freva bcus it has helped and saved lyf,so join mmm nd let’s end poverypoverty…

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  45. Felitex,
    Felitex, January 06, 23:35

    God Blesse the founder of mmm (mavro),he is the Messiah of many Nigerian for this economy resections.mmm Nigeria have saved a lot of life, mmm paticipant let us joine hands together and change the world!!!! Long live mmm Nigeria!!!!!!!!!(mmm pays)

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  46. faith
    faith January 07, 20:07

    Your comment..mmm is a way out for Nigerian God bless mmm nigeria

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  47. John
    John January 07, 22:51

    long live mmm. shame to media mmm is back to life to help the common nigeria.

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  48. PO
    PO January 08, 09:33

    For our MMM Nigeria to stand admin should remove those crazy payments and percentages paid to Guiders, it drains funds from the system, let recommitment be compulsory, there should be no referral bonuses for any one who is not PHing.

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  49. Dapsy
    Dapsy January 08, 11:11

    Wao!this is a good news to hear.long live MMM.

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    OLUWAFEMI January 09, 07:03


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  51. uche
    uche January 10, 14:49

    Your proud to
    be an mmm member because I know it pays, I have tasted & see the benefits of it. I don’t care what Nigeria government does about it. Long live mmm, together we over come.

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  52. Gentle
    Gentle January 11, 09:29

    MMM is our community and whosoever that will try to pull it down shall die overnight

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  53. emenike nwaiwu
    emenike nwaiwu January 11, 16:29


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  54. Innopa
    Innopa January 12, 16:33

    Mmm the best thing that has ever happen in our generation long live Mmm

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  55. Maureen
    Maureen January 12, 19:03

    I,m praying for MMM to come back the way they have promise.Thanks to MMM together we change the world

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  56. Rosemary Okon
    Rosemary Okon February 15, 16:05

    My money suppose to pay since January 12, but Uptil now I did not see it. Thanks

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