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Kenyan woman attacked in India after being ‘mistaken for a Nigerian’

Kenyan woman attacked in India after being ‘mistaken for a Nigerian’
March 30
11:28 2017

A 24-year-old Kenyan woman was on Wednesday beaten by a racist mob in India after she was mistaken for a Nigerian.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the woman was pulled out of a taxi and assaulted by the mob.

Maria Burendi, the victim, said she left her home in Alistonia Society at 6.15am to collect an African wig and some food from a friend at DPS Society when the incident happened.

She said the cab was stopped at 6.30am near the Omicorn roundabout by 10-12 men who then beat her up.

“When the cabbie and I stepped out, they started slapping me saying that Nigerians are bad. When I said that I was a Kenyan, one of the guys asked them to stop and they relented,” Burendi said.

“I was not expecting this. I wanted to buy some food items but could not. Later I thought I could collect my African hair wig from my friend’s place in Greater Noida. It was then that the attack took place.”

But the police say after questioning the driver, he denied that the incident happened.

The development is coming two days after a mob beat up six Nigerians and a Congolese inside Greater Noida’s Ansal Plaza in Uttar Pradesh on Monday evening.

According to Times of India, the attack has left most Africans in the area too afraid to step out of their houses.


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  1. silverbull
    silverbull March 30, 12:03

    Actually she has confessed that the story was fabricated, she is depressed.

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  2. aadi
    aadi March 30, 12:04

    From India: We are very sorry. Please do not think of us badly, there some some bad elements but majority here do NOT discriminate based on colour or region. This is becaue we ourselves know what discrimination is. I can assure you if one person hit that lady, 10 will be there to help her. Also, whosoever did that will not walk free. We are sorry, I am sorry 🙁

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