Momodu: Chibok abduction will haunt Nigeria forever

Momodu: Chibok abduction will haunt Nigeria forever
June 10
15:47 2014

Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu, has said that the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls of Chibok will haunt Nigeria forever.

Momodu, who was speaking in view of government’s “soft” handling of the matter, noted that it is now seven weeks since the girls were taken away from their friends and families.

“There is no excuse or justification for failing to find and liberate those girls after two months of empty promises and grandstanding,” Momodu wrote on his Twitter timeline.

“I have no doubts that if children of our leaders and the super rich were among, our governments would have negotiated and even paid heavy ransoms.”

He reiterated the need for government to consider the option of negotiation urgently if it was impossible to “liberate the girls” using force.

“We continue to live in denial and pretend that this ugly saga will go away like everything Nigerian, but it will haunt us all forever,” he said, blaming the handlers of President Goodluck Jonathan for the president missteps.

“Over 200 girls were abducted by terrorists; these magicians lied to our president that it didn’t happen, and he believed them.”

“Our great country is bleeding dangerously and speeding towards perdition. Advisers will come and go, but Mr. President alone will carry the cross.”

“My sincere advice to our dear commander-in-chief is to urgently free himself from those who make him look so bad in the eyes of the world.”



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  1. Pinna
    Pinna June 11, 11:51

    You should direct your plea to Shetima, the Bornu State governor. He knows where the girls are

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  2. JoeBoy
    JoeBoy June 11, 12:24

    The “abduction” of these poor innocent girls will not haunt the Government or even Dele Momodu for a single day. Everything in Nigeria is politicised. Much more evil things have happened in Nigeria without anybody being haunted , including Dele Momodu.

    People have been serially massacred in their millions in this country with utmost impunity and nothing happened, and therefore no body could have been haunted, except the survivors and their relations.
    Our country is a cesspool of hypocrisy and that is why it was even possible to “abduct” the girls in the first place. The culture of impunity and permanent politicisation of every issue by a section of the blighted country called Nigeria, made it possible for Shekhau, Shettima and their collaborators to mess up the lives of the girls of Chibok.

    However, nemesis will catch up with them as it did General Shuwa, Murtala Mohammed, Abacha and other masters of the “game”.

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