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MURIC: South-west governors turning ‘Amotekun’ into Christian militia

MURIC: South-west governors turning ‘Amotekun’ into Christian militia
January 17
14:37 2020

Ishaq Akintola, director of the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has accused governors of the south-west of recruiting only Christians into Amotekun, the regional security outfit.

In a statement on Friday, Akintola alleged that an ongoing recruitment by the security outfit has mandated applicants to submit birth certificates registered only in churches.

The director of the organisation said only one out of the six governors in the region is a Muslim.

He alleged that the five Christian governors are ganging up to turn Amotekun to a “crusader militia”.


“Let us make our stand on Amotekun clear from the beginning. MURIC is not allergic to any state or region taking steps aimed at rubber-cushioning the effect of the security challenges currently facing Nigeria. But the approach must be transparent, assuring and all-embracing,” he said.

“We have no objection to Amotekun. But ‘good intention’ appears lacking in the preparations for it as a security unit that will complement the work of the conventional security agencies. It appears shrouded in secrecy while attempts are being made to marginalize Muslims in the recruitment exercise.

“Or how does one describe the social media advertisement in which applicants are being requested to bring birth certificates from the church. This is most outrageous. Amotekun has not started, but we are already seeing symptoms of Christianisation and Islamophobia.


“Are the job vacancies which Amotekun is certain to open meant for Christians only? Are the South West states declaring their state as Christian states? Are they joining Nyesome Wike of Rivers in a Christian enclave? Is Amotekun a secret Christian army? Only one out of the five governors in the region is a Muslim. Are the Christian governors ganging up to form a crusader militia?

“Why then must applicants bring birth certificates from churches? Are we sure that this will not be followed by a request for applicants to bring referral letters from pastors? Handlers of Amotekun owe us an explanation.”


  1. Ransome Cool
    Ransome Cool January 17, 17:57

    If muslim did not present candidates for governorship election thru political parties in the south western states how does that those who become governor.

    Tell your muslim brothers to forward any birth certificate in their possession to the portal and stop complaining on everything about christian muslim issues as you are too myopic in your actions, thoughts and utterances.

    Endeavor to change your ways and thoughts this new year to be a better person and father. Religion fanatism has no space in south west as i hope you know this and is better you open your mind and heart to better counsel please.

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    • AA
      AA January 18, 22:37

      You need to tell your CAN leaders and Fani-Kayode this because they are most miopic and continental in their speeches

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  2. Sanjay
    Sanjay January 18, 07:39

    This man is too controversial. Pls don’t cause any hatred among the christians and Muslims of the south west please. Also verify your information from the source first before coming on social media to say this. Anyone can post Anything on social media, that does not mean that it is the truth. Don’t add insult to the injury being pepetrated by the north or meyetti Allah. The OPC, THE VIGILANTE etc are they Muslims or christians?

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  3. POAM
    POAM January 18, 20:14

    My beloved Governors; ride on with AMOTEKUN. God is on your side.

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  4. TheRealMan
    TheRealMan January 27, 22:38

    It is a pity that someone who should be well informed is reasoning like someone who has just returned from the psychiatric clinic. Is leopard no longer an English word and Amotekun not a Yoruba word. What has Christianity got to do with Leopard. He also they will not support any action that is seen to be against their fellow Muslims irrespective of where they came from. It can be inferred that you are in support of kidnappings, ritual killings and other atrocities being committed in Yoruba Land. It is unfortunate that you people will always bring religion into every issue and until you stop this nonsense, Nigeria will not progress

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