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Muslim body rejects NYSC orientation during Ramadan

Muslim body rejects NYSC orientation during Ramadan
June 09
20:20 2016

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has faulted the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for fixing its orientation camp during the month of Ramadan.

Prospective corps members of batch A stream II are expected to report to camps across the nation on Monday.

But MURIC described the decision to open the camp at this period as unconstitutional, calling on the authorities to postpone the programme.

Accusing the NYSC of discrimination, MURIC said religious crisis is common in Nigeria due to the “overzealousness and insensitivity of some government officials”.

“We reject this date because Muslim corpers will still be fasting at that time. It is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional for NYSC to hold camp at a time when its Muslim members will be deprived of their freedom of worship and the liberty to practice their creed without fear. This planned camp is exclusive, discriminatory and parochial,” MURIC said in a statement signed by Ishaq Akintola, its director.

“Official policies in this country often fail to take our cultural and religious plurality into consideration.

“Any Nigerian institution dealing with schedules and programmes particularly the NYSC whose programmes are of such magnitude is expected to consider the dates and periods of important festivals, rituals and religious practices. This should form the core of its logistics. It is our humble opinion that NYSC headquarters has failed in its strategic planning by allowing its next camp to clash with the Ramadan period.”

MURIC said allowing the camp to go on as planned would leave Muslim corps members at a disadvantage, explaining that those observing Ramadan will find it very difficult to adapt to the rigours in camp.

The body wondered why the NYSC did not stick to the initial date scheduled for the exercise.

“What happened to 21st May, 2016 which was the date earlier picked for the orientation? We do not want to believe that the shift was deliberately planned to coincide with the Ramadan season with a view to excluding prospective Muslim corpers,” the statement read.

“MURIC is not trying to indulge Muslim youths. Fasting is no joke and it certainly cannot be combined with the physical challenges which characterize the NYSC camp. Eligible Muslim graduates will definitely want to be part of the service but the obstacles standing in their way are gargantuan.

“Unlike the Islamophobic climate expected in an NYSC camp organized in Ramadan, what happens during Ramadan in Muslim-friendly environments is that both primary and secondary schools close for the day around 2 pm. Lectures in tertiary institutions stop from 3 pm while civil servants also leave their offices by 2 pm. If Muslims are not asking the Nigerian government to do this, its agencies should not become blatant tools of oppression.

“The clear message we are sending to NYSC officials here is that the camp planned to begin constitutes a serious impediment to the religious observation of Muslims. It is exclusive, sectional and parochial. The planned camp should be put in abeyance for now in the interest of peace. A stitch in time saves nine.

“Muslim youths throughout the country are bitter and furious at the thought of being disallowed to fast in the month of Ramadan. The best which NYSC headquarters can do for Nigeria now is to postpone the camp till the end of Ramadan. This country needs peace and stability to develop. We have had enough religious crises. NYSC should not stoke another.”


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  1. kenkeno
    kenkeno June 10, 06:07

    it is important to state it clearly that the Muslim believed, that the country is there’s but not really. It ll only help the country if some reasonable persons will be at the edge of authority and decision making. in other words, let no man think of interfering with the new NYSC camping date as it will make the anger of PCM to be very or more furious this time. God bless Nigeria.

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  2. tesleem
    tesleem June 10, 07:13

    why should you sound abusive in your comments of indeed you are intelligent? if Nigeria is indeed a secular state why do we observe holiday on Sundays and not Fridays? the writer is only expressing a concern and he never intend violence but sounded with hatred in your own comments. platforms like is not meant to express abuse but positive contribution to make things clear

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    • Cool
      Cool June 10, 10:42

      Muslim fasting starts after early morning breakfast each day and parades are usually in the morning. Its only lunch that the Muslim Corp Members would not take, so i dont see how the Ramadan fasting affects NYSC Orientation. This is not a Muslim Vs Christian thing but for the interest of us all as a nation. We can make our points without insults please.

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    • takeover
      takeover June 12, 16:12

      My friend shut that mouth of yours Saturday and Sunday is holiday not only Sundays if u want Friday to be included as a day for holiday feel free to rally your religious extremists group and protest.

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  3. ken
    ken June 10, 08:03

    Interfering with the new date (Monday) fixed by nysc would be unreasonable on the part of nysc. most pcm have left the jobs / activities they were engaged in because of this programme and have been very idle for a while now. if the Muslim community feel they cannot partake in this exercise due to their current fasting, they can voluntarily wait so as to join batch B which will be very convenient for them.

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    • Cool
      Cool June 10, 12:58

      The question is do Muslims go to work or not during Ramadan fasting? Do they sit idle or perform skeletal duties in their various places of work because of fasting. The exercise in camp shouldnt be a problem as they (Muslim Corp members) would have had their breakfast before the exercise. This is just an attempt to heat up the system unnecessarily.

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  4. Cauchy
    Cauchy June 10, 08:58

    Your comment..I just want to bid the idea of Mr. ken that if the Muslim corp members can not find it much convenient for them to be part of batch A stream II, then they should wait for batch B by September or October. please let us allow peace to reign in this country and say no to religion crisis. I remain my humble self Mr. Segun Ojewola

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  5. Luthur
    Luthur June 10, 09:50

    The Muslim PCMs can defy batch A stream II orientation course if they don’t want to participate to join Batch B instead of glamouring for another postponement because majority of PCMs are now idle, broke and stagnant as a result of previous postponements

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  6. kalaboss
    kalaboss June 10, 11:17

    I’m really Happy all this fracas didn’t emanate during GEJ’s tenure. cuz Muslims would v seen it as a purpose implementation on his part. nysc is a national issue n not a religious thing. we shouldn’t be selfish. some many persons have resigned from their engagements n jobs more than twice. Let’s look at what the whole Nigerian youths stand to suffer from in the face of another postponement. Let’s be reasonable.

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  7. veron
    veron June 10, 13:24

    If it were to be christains fasting and st same time going to camp dey will never make noise, why would Muslims make noise.. Though am a Muslim.. And how many times will dey continue to prospone dis nysc of a thing? Muslim shud stop thinking of dem selves alone, cos students time are being wasted at home for months now all in d name of postponement, its not fair at all.

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    • Webb
      Webb June 12, 14:20

      This is nonsense… What is this country turning into? The best thing is just divide this country.. If Christians are fasting, will there be something like this? This is Selfishness

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  8. Bayo
    Bayo June 11, 17:14

    Half education is worse than no education

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