Mutfwang: Petrol price hike caused by inability to take critical decisions in the past

petrol pump price petrol pump price

Caleb Mutfwang, governor of Plateau, says Nigerians are paying for the inability to take critical decisions in the past.

Mutfwang made the remark on Friday in reference to the effects of the removal of petrol subsidy.

He called for collaboration between the federal and state governments to revamp the economy and find lasting solutions to the hardship faced by Nigerians.

On Tuesday, the pump price of petrol was increased to N617 per litre in Abuja and N565 per litre in Lagos.


Speaking on the price hike, the Plateau governor said the development is taking a toll on Nigerians.

He said while the palliative measures being put in place at different government levels is a good development, there is a need to have a long-term plan.

He said the plan should be centred around policies that will tackle the general economic crisis faced by Nigerians.


“This is the price we are paying for our inability to take critical decisions in the past,” Mutfwang said.

“This accumulated till now and it has come upon us as a crisis.

“What I believe government is doing at all levels is to see how to ameliorate the sufferings that have come as a result of this increase.

“There are many factors that are beyond our control.


“The national economic council met and discussed a set of palliatives that will be reeled out in the coming days and weeks.

“These are only temporary measures.

“We need to revamp the economy and ensure that the living capacity of Nigerians is improved upon.”

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