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Mutfwang: There are attacks orchestrated to demarket Plateau

BY Jesupemi Are


Caleb Mutfwang, governor of Plateau, says there has been a deliberate plan to demarket the state with the occurrence of incessant attacks.

Speaking during a Twitter space on Friday on how his administration would tackle insecurity, Mutfwang said there have been some sponsored attacks in the state beginning three months before he was sworn in as governor.

The governor assured residents of the state that measures have been put in place to handle the situation.

“I know there has been a deliberate plan by some people which we discovered even before we were sworn in, to demarket Plateau and make the state look like it’s not fit for people to come and do business,” he said.


“I want to assure people that despite the insurgency, Plateau state, especially Jos, is still a destination for business.

“But that is not to downplay the fact that we have come under attacks in the last two to three months. It started before I was sworn in and after I was sworn in.

“There were some deliberately targeted areas which tells us that the attacks are not ordinary. They are sponsored and they are deliberately orchestrated. Some people are possibly reacting to my emergence.


“But I want to assure the people of Plateau that we have put a lot of strategies in place to contain the situation. And I want to believe the strategies we put in place will yield results.”

He also commended Tinubu for the change of security chiefs and inspector general of police (IGP), noting that the development would bring a new lease of life into security management.

The governor said while he may not have made so much noise about it during his campaign, he is very passionate about issues concerning the girl child.

“I have a directive that for the local government administration we are reconstituting, the secretaries must be women,” he said.


“As for promoting the education of the girl child, we’ll be looking at a lot of strategies of affirmative action so that we can ensure girls, particularly those in rural areas, are brought education.”

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