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NCC summons Glo CEO, halts ‘free data day’ promo

NCC summons Glo CEO, halts ‘free data day’ promo
August 10
17:08 2017

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has halted the plans of Globacom Nigeria to offer free data to all its subscribers on Friday.

In a letter signed by Sunday Dare, NCC commissioner for stakeholder management, said the promotion is a clear departure from what was approved by the regulator.

Earlier, Glo had annoucced that eligible subscribers would enjoy as much as 200 megabytes of data for free to enjoy what it called the “free data day”.

The regulator also summoned Gladys Talabi, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Globacom Nigeria, to a meeting at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja.


“Please refer to the commission’s letter dated 14th March, 2017 conveying approval for your Glo overload promotion. It has however come to our notice that Globacom Nigeria Ltd has been implementing the above regulatory approval in breach especially given your recent media campaign on the ‘Glo free data offer’, a clear departurre from terms and condition of the approval given for the Glo overload promotion,” the letter seen by TheCable read.

“Consequent upon the above, you are hereby directed to suspend implementation of the Glo overload promotion from your network with immediate effect.”



  1. Babasho
    Babasho August 10, 17:24

    I am high disappointed from these pronouncement coming from NCC a regulatory body. NCC should make public the agreement reached with Glo network if there is any agreement.

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  2. sunray
    sunray August 11, 08:59

    Haba NCC you too? why not allow GLO the opportunity to give thank you gifts to its numerous costumers .. so in this country there is no regulatory body that will be on the side of the consumers . Just like the national electricity regulatory commission of Nigeria ( NERC ) you are out to make things difficult for Nigerians. SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE WICKED.

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  3. Hophxy
    Hophxy August 11, 12:36

    Thank God they only halted glo and did not proceed to ask glo to charge 3x the value for the period of the promo. Perhaps NCC is still nursing the wounds from failure of their initial program to force Nigerians to pay 2x for all data plans to swell their tax intake from network providers.
    A situation where foreign providers where canvassing for palliative for Nigerians against a Federal parastatal was quite an enviable testimony for a government. Nigerians now know better.

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  4. Confy Scenty
    Confy Scenty August 11, 20:06

    It is very unfortunate that this came from a body that is expected and supposed to be on the side of Citizens.

    Sometimes i wonder what really is the problem with this country.

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  5. Ibrahim
    Ibrahim August 12, 15:50

    Dear Otunba Mike Adenuga and the enterprising team at Glo. Allow me to salute your patriotism, sense of purpose, vision and perseverance. Nigeria love you and will continue to despite the challenge of corrupt individuals and entities playing out a very nasty script. We are watching an taking note.
    We have not forgotten the ignoble, shameful, dispicable, reprehensible, contemptible and diabolic role that Mohammad Arzika the dubious minister of communication played when GSM was first rolled out in Nigeria. Causing CIL to loose its license, 20 million dollars and much more. It sad this grand conspiracy is still in play through NCC. but God is faithful and the public and well meaning Nigerians are behind you.
    The same way your loss was recompense through providence and Globacom, the same way we shall triumph again.
    For those that think they can keep us down – well… they shall see us continue to rise.
    Countries are developing with Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity worldwide. NCC is perpetuating ignorance and poverty through its bias and corrupt dealing. But we will rise. Nigerians will keep leaning towards glo – our standard bearer and national pride.

    For NCC, you will be hearing from my assistants soon

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  6. ConTechBlog
    ConTechBlog October 09, 13:05

    It’s been years yet this awkward decision made by the NCC still hurts me. How sad.

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