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Ndume to Jonathan: You don’t know how great you have become in the eyes of your critics

Ndume to Jonathan: You don’t know how great you have become in the eyes of your critics
November 29
17:48 2020

Ali Ndume, senator representing Borno south district, says he was among the critics of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan when he was in power, but now, he appreciates him more.

According to Daily Trust, Ndume made the comment at the launch of a wellness centre in Abuja.

Ndume, who was granted bail after five days in detention, reportedly said Jonathan left a landmark in the country.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) senator had been remanded in prison after Abdulrasheed Maina, former chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT), whom he stood as surety for, jumped bail.


“As God wants it, that I must be here, because I was just released from detention yesterday night (Friday), maybe God wants me to attend this occasion, otherwise, I would have been in Kuje prison up till now.” Ndume was quoted to have said.

“I must confess, as people call me stubborn person, I’m also a stubborn person. I feel I need to make this testimony here, and also appreciate Mr.(former) President, as they say you will never know what you have until you lose it. I will stop there.

“For this country, I think Nigerians know that they don’t value what they have until they lose that thing. We thank God for your life and you have changed the political culture and landscape of this country.


“You don’t know how great you are in the eyes of those that were skeptical, those that don’t know you, those that didn’t come close to you. But now, honestly, I am one of those that used to criticize you very well, but I will say it was constructive move.

“He wanted to be president but Nigeria being what it is, it was a different thing entirely. Like I said, he left a landmark on this country.”

Jonathan has been enjoying goodwill from APC leaders in recent times. TheCable had reported how governors of the APC swooped on him one week ago.

They had visited the ex-president at his Abuja residence in commemoration of his birthday but also held a private meeting with him.


President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier felicitated with Jonathan, saying he has brought honour to Nigeria.


  1. Olá
    Olá November 29, 18:37

    Suddenly everyone has forgotten what Nigeria went through during the GEJ years as president. Now he’s a saint. Were Nigerians stupid when they clamoured for change of government. A lot went very wrong at the time; fuel scarcity, endemic corruption and insurgency. GEJ was very clueless and weak. Let no one revise history for us. Buhari may be doing badly, he may be performing below par but GEJ’s government was a disaster. His petroleum minister stole so much she’s been in exile since. INEC officers were heavily compromised by his government, etc. If GEJ had continued as president by now Nigeria would have been on fire, literally. We dodged a bullet when he lost in 2015.

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    • oladee2
      oladee2 November 30, 03:08

      I agree with you 100%. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Simple.
      Goodluck and his successor are both useless for the nation.

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    • Shina O Sattler-Oyemade
      Shina O Sattler-Oyemade November 30, 03:38

      Yes, you said everything right. I do not know what to make of Nigeria,Nigerians. Today they crucify you,tomorrow they hail you. Until I read your comment I was not gonna say nothing.
      I believe the senator Ndume, is not speaking for right thinking Nigerians in fact he’s part of the problems.
      Just like you rightly said if GEJ was still the president there wouldn’t be Nigeria today.

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    • Legend of Flip
      Legend of Flip November 30, 06:05

      Just 1 question, if INEC officers were that compromised, would your General Buhari have won?.

      Accept it, Jonathan and Buhari are like Day and Night respectively

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    • Andy
      Andy November 30, 21:13


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  2. Dr Bunmi
    Dr Bunmi November 29, 22:05


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  3. Akpo
    Akpo November 30, 06:00

    We judge performance by stats. Go compare all the economic and development indices that are indicators of growth between 2010 to 2020 and judge for yourself.

    Don’t judge based on sentiments and purported stories.

    Check Nigeria’s ratings on different areas by international monitors between 2010 and 2020 and judge yourself.

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  4. Jidando
    Jidando November 30, 12:24

    Yes! It is true that Nigeria has a leadership problem. If former President Goodluck Jonathan can now be seen as a Saint, then we can say the government and leaders of today have failed us terribly.

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  5. Sledge14smith
    Sledge14smith November 30, 13:32

    Thanks for running this news for the record this guy was a great antagonist of jonathan led PDP previous government..


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