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Need a reliable building contractor who knows what they’re doing? Well, now they’re only a click away!

Need a reliable building contractor who knows what they’re doing? Well, now they’re only a click away!
November 20
09:36 2023

The mere thought of any building or renovation work in the home is enough to send most people’s blood pressure through the roof. There are, of course, many reasons for the stress and anxiety any such project causes, but usually it stems from bad experiences we’ve had before, such as poor communication with the contractor, being unhappy with the work they’ve done, having to wait months for them to show up, or the all too frequent unforeseen expenses which send the cost of the whole project spiralling out of control.

However, you can now rest easy, because you’ll be able to find a reliable, professional, experienced contractor wherever you are in Nigeria in just a matter of minutes. You can finally say goodbye to the arduous task of trying to find a tradesperson in the sea of Internet search results as well as to endless phone calls to different contractors.

The fast pace of daily life and the plethora of unavoidable, pressing obligations mean that time has become the most valuable commodity. And it’s this lack of time that prevents us from renovating or remodelling our homes, office spaces, or gardens to suit our needs and wishes.

The search for a good tradesperson will no longer fill you with fear

Whether you need something concreting or painting, an AC unit installing, windows replacing, or some other construction job doing, the first question that almost all of us will ask ourselves is: How do I find a good contractor? We usually look for the answer by leafing through the Yellow Pages or trawling through internet search results. However, while we may find a professional’s contact details, we still don’t get the crucial information we need: How does this contractor really work? Do they meet our criteria? For more detailed information such as the prices they charge, how busy they are at the moment, and how long the job will take, we have to contact them by phone. Even this, though, is no guarantee of success. How can we be sure that the work will be carried out just the way we want, within the required timeframe, and for the money we are prepared to spend?

In such situations, many of us turn to those around us for help. Relatives, neighbours, and friends can recommend someone to us based on their experience, but again it’s no guarantee. Perhaps this contractor did an excellent job for our friend, but other clients were dissatisfied with their work. Also, if our friend or relative isn’t involved in the construction industry, how can they provide us with an objective, professional assessment? So once again we end up frustrated at the very outset.

But stress, uncertainty, and disappointment don’t have to be part and parcel of any construction or renovation project. The whole process can be an enjoyable one, involving maximum simplicity and minimum time.

Daibau.ng is an online construction and renovation platform that successfully acts as a go-between for contractors and those requiring building services, i.e. clients. Anyone who is planning to renovate or remodel their bathroom, kitchen, or garden, build a property, or do any other work that requires the expertise and dedication of a contractor can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The goal of the Daibau.ng platform is to reduce the stress for clients by enabling them to find building contractors with excellent recommendations and a wealth of experience quickly and easily.

You’re just a few minutes away from finding a tradesperson to suit your needs – the length of time it’ll take you to fill in and submit an enquiry via the portal, completely free of charge. All you need to do is describe the job at hand, i.e. the type of work you need doing, when you want the work doing, and the location. Based on the information you enter, you’ll be offered a selection of suitable contractors to carry out the work you require. You can also submit photos or sketches with your enquiry to illustrate what you are after in more detail as the search system on the Daibau platform works by taking into account all your requirements and offering the most suitable solutions. In this way, you’ll receive more accurate quotes, exactly as requested!

So, we have a partial answer to the question from the beginning: How do I find a good contractor? By submitting an enquiry, you’ll be put in touch with contractors who specialise in the types of job you want carrying out, in a timeframe that suits you, and in your local area. But how do you know the contractor is conscientious and reliable? Well, in the best possible way – straight from the horse’s mouth!

Simply select a contractor based on their ratings

African American carpenter in yellow t-shirt working on installing new laminated floor in empty room

One of the features of the Daibau.ng platform is the option for a client to evaluate a contractor and leave a comment describing how satisfied they were with their performance once the work has been carried out. In this way, you gain an insight into the quality of the contractor’s services, meaning it’ll be easier for you to choose someone who best meets your criteria. Check what kind of reviews have been left by previous clients and, based on their personal experience and satisfaction, make your decision. It will certainly give you peace of mind to know that others were pleased with the work of the tradesperson you’re about to choose and that their work and effort was evaluated objectively. This is certainly a more credible and comprehensive recommendation than just ‘asking around’.

Every contractor strives to get a good rating and positive comments because it’s the best publicity for them. Bad news travels fast, as they say, so the contractors work as conscientiously and professionally as possible. Nevertheless, in order to further minimise the risk to clients, the Daibau platform runs checks on each company’s activities and their experience on the market, as well as publishing information on their past work. Therefore, any contractor whose work is substandard in any way is excluded from the search.

Once you’ve made a decision based on the ratings, all that remains is to agree with the contractor you’ve chosen when work is going to begin.

Get a realistic insight into how much the work should actually cost

Another important step before work can begin is to find out what everything will cost. For this you need to know the current prices of different construction jobs. It’s vital you’re aware of the realistic costs rather than being taken in by some cowboy’s overinflated prices.

The average prices of different jobs, products, and services can be found on the Daibau platform. This allows you to get detailed information on prices before contacting contractors. Therefore, not only will you save time, but you’ll also be able to better manage the budget for your project.

Practical solutions and the latest news

The portal also features a magazine with a large number of expert texts containing useful and interesting advice from the fields of construction, architecture, and interior and exterior design.

The Daibau platform can also be seen as a personal e-adviser, which connects clients with contractors in a simple, fruitful way, based on their wishes and needs. Anyone who needs help when it comes to renovation or construction work will find it on this portal. The database contains over 10,000 local contractors. All you have to do is send a free enquiry!



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