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Niger Delta group vows to bomb NNPC Towers if Patience Jonathan is arrested

Niger Delta group vows to bomb NNPC Towers if Patience Jonathan is arrested
September 21
21:02 2016

The Niger Delta Peoples Professional Volunteer Force (NDPPVF), a group which says its members are workers in the oil and gas industry, has threatened to bomb the headquarters of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrests Patience Jonathan.

Accusing the anti-graft agency of witch-hunting the former first lady, the group advised EFCC to lift the No Debit Order imposed on her Skye Bank accounts.

The accounts contained more than $15 million, but Jonathan’s wife has since explained that the money was meant for her medical bills.

Last week, the EFCC filed money laundering charges against Waripamowei Dudafa, Jonathan’s special adviser on domestic affairs, whom the former first lady directed to open the accounts Dudafa, Amajuoyi Briggs, a lawyer; and Damola Bolodeoku, a Skye Bank official.

On Tuesday, Ibrahim Magu, chairman of the EFCC, also told reporters that Jonathan’s wife was under investigation.

But in a statement by Parkinson George-Amabo, spokesman of NDPPVF, the group warned Magu that investigating Patience could result into “bad blood, embarrassment and possible unrest in the Niger Delta”.

The group said it is not in support of corruption, but against the manner in which the agency is investigating Patience who has had an “impressive and fortuitous pedigree”.

“As a matter of fact, the EFCC has launched a criminal investigation of Mrs. Jonathan and in the process, frozen her bank accounts domiciled with a Nigerian commercial bank without affording her opportunity to state her own side of the matter,” the statement read.

“Nobody is above the law. The NDPPVF does not support or condone corruption. If Mrs. Jonathan was found to be corrupt, we shall not hesitate to call for her prosecution.

“We, however, have a grouse with the modus operandi of Mrs. Jonathan’s investigation, given her status as the wife of a former deputy governor, former governor, former vice-president, former acting president and finally, former president. She is perhaps, the only Nigerian woman – dead or alive – with such an impressive and fortuitous pedigree; which accounts for why the EFCC needs to thread with caution.

“Recently, there have been calls on the attorney-general of the federation as well as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest and prosecute the former First Lady for alleged money laundering.

“We shall simultaneously bomb the 4 wings of the NNPC Towers the day it is announced that MRS. PATIENCE GOODLUCK JONATHAN has been arrested by the EFCC.”

The group added that before her husband emerged as vice-president in 2007, the EFCC investigated Mrs. Jonathan and cleared of any wrongdoing”.


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  1. Mickysal
    Mickysal September 22, 00:19

    Real cheeky isn’t it? I guess this is becoming a little interesting. Now it’s not resource control that is the issue but screening of who should or shouldn’t be investigated. What a struggle!

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  2. aliyu
    aliyu September 22, 09:06

    yes! what a struggle. continue to protect corruption. now we can see the motive of your struggle. is unfortunate. please bomb the towers

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  3. Toks
    Toks September 22, 11:05

    It is highly recommended for President Burhai to truly investigate the activities and sponsorship of the Militants in Nigeria Delta Region. It is clear that former President Jonathan rose a sercet army, to use to destabilise the peace of Nigeria.
    The Nigerian public should put sentiment aside and start to ask concerate questions about the funding of Militants, purchasing of sophisticated weopons, logistics, training in making bombs to blow up pipelines in rural areas of the Niger Delta. This matter is not about South South being cheated out of their birthright (Resources control),or South East being sidetracked in development. The issues is that after the former President Jonathan destroy the economy, brought untold hardships on innocent Nigerians through recklessness of handing the economic from 2013-2016 ,no one is asking deep questions about why ? The wife of a Nigerian President wife is operating 4to 5 accounts with £15millon plus .We need accountability, transparency in dealing with dangerous people in form of politicians who have been milking us dry.The PDP have been in government for good 16 years but nothing to show for it .Do Nigerian want Burhai to perform miracles or magic tricks. Criticism of his policies, procedures is not the way forward only to support him to bring all those black sheep to Justice.

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  4. IzzyCN
    IzzyCN September 22, 12:11

    The militants we had during Yaradua were fighting for the good of Niger Deltans,no wonder government paid attention to their agitation, but present day militants are defenders of criminals and rogues,hence no body should take their threat serious. They should rather be treated as criminals, for that is what they are.

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  5. bobo
    bobo September 22, 12:29

    Make una leave her Alone. We don tire for una pattern oh, make una use tomatoes And groundnut take rulé una country. No doubt say na oïl money be dat And oïl money na we money. If na groundnut And tomato matter una fit shout. Leave her Alone.leave mama Peace Alone.

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