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Sultan: It’s impossible to Islamise Nigeria

Sultan: It’s impossible to Islamise Nigeria
August 20
08:51 2016

Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, the sultan of Sokoto, has said it’s virtually impossible to Islamise Nigeria.

The Muslim cleric said God — creator of all things — would have bequeathed to human beings only one religion if that was his intention for the world.

The sultan therefore insisted that the alleged plans to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state is farfetched.

He commented on the issue on Friday, at the commissioning of the International Centre for Inter-Faith Peace and Harmony’s office in Kaduna.

Sultan said: “Nigeria has a Muslim president and before him was a Christian president. We must see ourselves as one big family, without that, we cannot have peace.

“It is not possible to Islamise Nigeria. If God had wanted, He would have created all Christians or all Muslims.

“We are not secular but a multi-religious state because the people are so religious. We must respect one another and understand the tenets of the two religions.”

The president of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs also called for peace among all religions while stressing that “killing” is not in the Quran.

“We have seen countries where people are killing one another. Obviously, there can be no peace in such countries. Killing is not part of the teachings of the holy book,” he added.


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  1. One Big Family
    One Big Family August 21, 09:56

    Sultan said: “Nigeria has a Muslim president and before him was a Christian president. We must see ourselves as one big family, without that, we cannot have peace.
    Did his cronies not vow to make Nigeria ungovernable for the then Christian presidents that led to the explosion of Boko Haram which Northern leaders including him, for a long time saw no reason to condemn?
    Did his Muslim president not drag Nigeria, single handedly into an Islamic coalition against terror despite concerns from Christians claiming that what matters is Nigeria even when he was reminded that Nigerian Citizens he is talking about is made of basically 50 percent Christians and 50 percent Muslims? So for him and his Cronies Nigeria is that 50 percent Muslim part , Period.

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    LOVEOFGODANDCOUNTRY August 22, 21:59

    Hearing this from the Sultan I can now believe there is indeed a plan to Islamise Nigeria. It is an inviolable agenda of moslems to Islamise the whole world. The Sultan wants all of us to “fall asleep” If he did not say this I might think that this government is not hatching any such plans. I have been an ardent supporter of the Buhari government but I am not able to absolve this government of an the Islamisation agenda. Now I have an added evidence that Islamisation is on the cards.

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