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Nigeria: A nation incapable of protecting her citizens

Nigeria: A nation incapable of protecting her citizens
June 25
16:11 2018

Our national security system has completely fallen out of order and if anyone tells me that what is going on does not have religious colouration, then I would say that the person is just simply being wicked and mischievous. About three days ago, I was alerted (by my people in Plateau State, especially those living in the affected areas) about the ongoing killings on the Plateau. Immediately, I went on social media to make some noise about it, but as usual, nothing was done about it. Three days after, horrific and gory pictures are beginning to fly everywhere!

Some of my people on ground told me that those blood-sucking demons in human skins operated for many hours without the presence of either police men or soldiers. It was after they left that our security men showed up. This is a huge shame on our nation and any president—who is not capable to protect those he swears to protect should be compelled to step down. Those playing politics with the ongoing genocide in some parts of our country are toying with fire that shall end up consuming them and their unborn children!

Five days ago, a dear friend travelled to Plateau state to attend a meeting and told me about some silent killings going on in Plateau State, but the most surprising thing is that they are not in the news. People are being killed in almost every day in our country, but no one wants to talk about it and all our belly-driven politicians care about is the next election—they do not care a hoot about the protection of life and property of the poor citizens of Nigeria.

For how long are we going to continue to run away from the truth that is steering all of us in the face? Our security forces can no longer protect the defense-less citizens of Nigeria. And Nigeria is clearly not working. Not long, I was sent some heart-tearing pictures of children cut into pieces by some animals in human skin. If the Federal government does not have what it takes to protect our people, I ask Mr. President to tell us, so we can start defending ourselves. No one has monopoly of violence in Nigeria!

The only sin those vulnerable children—killed in Plateau state (and other parts of Nigeria) committed was to be born in Nigeria. As I write this piece, I feel so betrayed, because Nigeria is clearly only working for the ruling class, not the helpless man on the street. We are being made to think that she is working for every citizen, but the truth is, Nigeria is only working for those who directly own her. There is nothing like equality here yet.

It is a lie when we are told that Nigeria belongs to all of us. It is a complete lie. Nigeria belongs to a section of the country and no matter what they do; the law usually goes to bed and wakes up when a fraction of what they do to others is done to them. In a nation where there is an injustice, how can we have an enduring peace? Without justice, forget about peace!

Any government that cannot protect her citizens, especially defense-less children is a failed one! The issue I am touching on this day is beyond the ugly woman of politics. For the umpteenth time, anyone who brings politics into this issue will never have peace till he or she leaves the planet-earth. And anyone who brings politics into the killings going on in Nigeria will forever be troubled by the spirit of our true heroes past.

When I use the word “in saner climes,” some people are usually angry with me, but the truth is; is Nigeria not a jungle? In saner climes, their presidents and governors of affected states—would have come on their national televisions, addressing their citizens, but till this moment, PMB is yet to come out to address the whole nation and order our flags to fly at half-mast. This is a sign that the ruling class does not care a hoot about the common man and it is a new low for us as a people. You know why? It is because what sustains the ruling class is oil, not the people. On the condition that the way we protect the oil is the way we protect the people, Nigeria would have become better for it.

Nigeria is an imprudent country. How do I mean? Only wise countries have the inbuilt capacity to see tragedy (and danger) ahead and avoid it. Our intelligence gathering is almost not in existence. Our C-in-C only give orders after lives have been lost. It is wrong for the security apparatus of a whole nation to be completely dependent on one man. As an effect of this, we will not be able to move from here until our security kit becomes completely independent of whoever sits in “Aso-Rock.”

Nigeria is the way she is today because politics has taken the place of nation building. Five thousands (5000) policemen, 2 helicopters, and 6APC were deployed to Abuja for a mere political convention, leaving the whole nation completely vulnerable to attacks. For the umpteenth time, those who are still defending the ongoing wanton killings in Nigeria—saying that our people are being killed to destroy the image of President Buhari have allowed their conscience to be shot dead. The fire that is raging in the country, when it gets to a level where it can no longer be controlled, those (and their families) who are bringing shallow-politics into the killings going on in the country will all be consumed.


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  1. Jazzy
    Jazzy June 25, 19:36

    You remain blessed for articulating these words. Peaceful rest will never find those who are adamant on leading Nigreria with incompetence.

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