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Nigeria: A nation where the leader doesn’t know the led

Nigeria: A nation where the leader doesn’t know the led
April 25
15:10 2018

The President of South-Africa was at the same meeting where our own President spoke very disappointingly of the strength and future of Nigeria. And because some of our people always enjoy playing politics with every framework of our national life, one video from Mr. President has been given too many disingenuous interpretations. One of the reasons Nigeria is not working is because we get pleasure from playing politics with every fabric of our national life. And it is so sad.

At the just concluded Commonwealth Business Forum, in London, Mr. President spoke unconscientiously and flippantly about the future and strength of Nigeria. Since then, I have watched the ignoble video of his spirit-damping speech too many times; especially when some folks say that those who are objectively criticizing his lackluster outing have not watched the discouraging video. Mr. President did not address the whole world, using the tool of French language, so I do not think the video’s content should be hard as diamond—for any sincere citizen to accurately read between the lines.

In recent times, each time PMB speaks whenever he is beyond the shores of Nigeria, he would always need those who are being paid to speak for him to interpret what he says to Nigerians and he is not speaking, using the tool of Arabic language! The question is, can’t Mr. President speak plainly to Nigerians—without being aided? Those who daily wear goggles and spectacles of politics, religion and tribalism can find Buhari’s speech at the commonwealth Business Forum to understand, but everyone with an open-face can clearly read between the lines. In context, PMB goofed and misfired and each time anyone tries to spin it, the messier it gets! His London speech had nothing to do with being blunt and honest. His speech reflects a President—who does not know how to speak as Presidents, who know their onions speak. The problem is beyond—lack of diplomacy, the problem is that Mr. President does not know those he’s being paid to serve. He does not know the strength and future of Nigeria. And if he is ignorant of the strength and future of Nigeria, then it means he is not relevant to where we are going as a people. Furthermore, the best way to defend PMB each time he slips up is to apologize on his behalf.

Taking the issue before me this afternoon a little further, the President of South-Africa also delivered a paper at the same business forum in London. And I was able to glean that he left London after his speech as an effect of a crisis back home, but our own President stayed back despite the fact that our own people were being killed daily while he was in London—enjoying himself. How about the shameful stealing of “mace” in the National Assembly? Mr. President can do all he likes, because the electorates do not punish politicians for misbehaving, hence where we are as a nation.

The President of South Africa was very presidential in London! Ramaphosa opened his own speech by painting a very voluptuous, full-bodied and tall image of late Mandela and his wife (who just passed away) without mentioning Winnie’s weak areas. After speaking in a classy manner on the father and mother of South Africa, he went ahead to paint a picture of a strong South-Africa. He said and I quote: “South Africa has entered a new era of confidence. Our people are working together towards a common future.” Mandela and Winnie Mandela were his Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and he used them to connect to the whole world. You cannot listen to Ramaphosa and not want to jump on the next available flight to go invest in that country. The question is; did Mr. President use anyone as his own USP? You know why? It is because he sees himself as the only upright man in Nigeria.

Also, Ramaphosa said and I quote verbatim: “I have appointed four investment envoys to go right across the world, to go and campaign for investment for our country because once again, South Africa is truly open for investment.” Do we have investment envoys in Nigeria, who are traversing the planet-earth, bringing businesses home for our own people? Our political leaders enjoy traveling to the ends of the earth, frittering away tax-payers’ money—with little or nothing to show for it. They do not like staying in Nigeria for long. Amusingly, they are always looking for where to go. There are places our President travel to that competent people can be appointed to handle.

When President Buhari took over the rein of power about three (3) years ago, I counseled that he should hold town-hall meetings across the length and width of Nigeria, so he could have first-hand information about those he is in power to serve. About three years into his tenure, it is crystal clear that he does not have a clue about the strength and future of Nigeria. He does not know how resourceful our youths are. He does not know how resilient they are. He does not know how knowledgeable they are. He does not know how visionary they are. He does not know how innovative they are. It is when a leader is blind to all the mentioned qualities—that he would use the reality of his home state to determine the reality of the whole nation.


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  1. Austin Igbinovia
    Austin Igbinovia April 25, 23:54

    They should keep on defending the indefensible.

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