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TRENDING: Nigerians say ‘enough is enough’, it is time to #EndSARS

TRENDING: Nigerians say ‘enough is enough’, it is time to #EndSARS
December 03
10:37 2017

“SARS: Special anti robbery squad are now doing the robbery in Nigeria. SARS that were created to stop robbery are now robbing people,” says influential Twitter user, Uncle Ajala — and he’s not alone.

Thousands of Nigerians have been sharing their tales of woe and unsavoury experiences with SARS officers.

Although this is not the first time there will be a public outcry against the activities of SARS, an alleged shooting of an individual in Yaba, Lagos, has again put the matter on the front burner.

Using the hashtag #EndSARS, Nigerians have been calling on the federal government to scrap the police unit.

A petition on scrapping SARS has been addressed to the national assembly.


Published by ‘Segun Awosanya, the petition has been signed by 10,195 people at the time of this report.

While the signatures on the petition keep surging, Nigerians on social media have continued to demand an end to SARS.


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This is a SARS Police officer. Could as well be an Armed Robber/Kidnapper/Militant/Assassin because you can't tell the difference. #EndSARS #EndSARSbrutality cc @nigeriapoliceforce @police_complaint_rru #

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  1. Senator
    Senator December 03, 22:23

    SARS arrest ,search phones provacy and even houses without warrant , they beat and shoot unnecessarily they thought they are above the law….I support #ENDSARS

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  2. JEFFY
    JEFFY December 04, 23:37

    I just dont know why someone will just collect my phone asking me where did i get the money to buy the phone, for why now#END SARS

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  3. Drizzle
    Drizzle December 21, 12:50

    I’m a young graduate of civil engineering and I have been brutalized and extorted about 6 times this year by the ones who have sworn the oath to protect me and other Nigerian citizens. #ENDSARS

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  4. Delinga
    Delinga June 21, 20:37

    I cannot imagine all the stories I read about this branch of police called SARS. It’s like we have no government again. I am a law abiding person, I have not COMMITTED any crime or arrested by the police all my life, so some people in uniform can just stop me on the road, take my phone, search my car and even slap and detain me. I will pray to be alive because if I get out of their net, all of them involved will not only lose their job but end up in jail. What kind of country do you treat an innocent person like a criminal ?

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