Nigeria’s exit from recession is another promise fulfilled, says APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) says the exit of the country’s economy from recession is another campaign promise fulfilled.

On Tuesday, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced that the country’s economy grew by 0.55% after five negative outlooks.

In a statement on Wednesday, Bolaji Abdullahi, spokesman of the APC, said the efforts of the Buhari administration to revive the economy has begun to “yield fruits”.

The party also commended the national assembly for working with the executive in improving the economy.


“Nigerians will recall that during the 2015 elections, the APC promised to curb corruption, restore the economy and ensure security of the nation. We commend the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on the economic recovery efforts which has evidently started to yield fruits,” the statement read.

“The APC also commends the national assembly as it continues to work with the executive on improving the economy and other areas of national life.

“Commendably, the country’s exit from recession was in tandem with the current administration’s forecast that the country will experience economic growth in 2017.


“This is another demonstration that the President Buhari APC-led administration is one that keeps its promises.The APC thanks Nigerians for their patience, understanding and support for the President Buhari administration while the economy was in recession.

“Although there remains much more work to be done, we assure Nigerians that the administration remains focused on its effort to sustain the economy on the path of growth.”

The party called for “continued patience and cooperation of Nigerians” as the Buhari administration “works to build a new solid foundation, credible image and pull the country out of the present hardships”.

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