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‘It brought out another person’s details’ — NIMC under fire over errors on national identity app

‘It brought out another person’s details’ — NIMC under fire over errors on national identity app
August 16
00:27 2020

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has come under intense criticism on social media over errors spotted on its mobile application on Google Play Store.


On Saturday, some Twitter users shared a link to the application wherein Nigerians can download and print out their NIMC issued national ID cards. They also shared screenshots of their downloaded national identity cards.

The app allows citizens to login with their national identification number (NIN) and registered phone number. After a successful login, it displays the full details of the citizen, including a photograph.


Though there has been no official statement to support the launch of this app by the NIMC, the commission recently announced plans to dump plastic identity cards for digital identification.

The application has however generated a plethora of negative feedback from Nigerians on social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

While some users successfully downloaded their digital identity cards, others lodged various complaints about flaws — including wrong identities and glitches — on the NIMC platform.


“Is there anything government agency in Nigeria can do very well. Downloaded the nimc app, inputted my nin and brought different identities on 2 different occasions. na wa ooo,” a Twitter user wrote.

@nimc_ng it’s horrific to download your mobile ID App and entering my NIN and Mobile number, a totally different person’s name and detail is what I found in you account,” another user said.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:



  1. Lemmuel Odjay
    Lemmuel Odjay August 16, 12:35

    For those asking if there’s anything Nigeria can do right, of course there are. Here are just a few: The Nigerian government does not make any errors when appointment to any top government office is reserved for Buhari’s Fulani/Hausa Muslim tribesmen. When the issue is about making billions of the people’s money vanish into the deep recesses of their babariga pockets, the process is so flawless even oyibo social/economic scientists are left gawping. You nefer talk about our penchant for sending the SSS/DSS/EFCC after perceived enemies o. That feat could be achieved very early in the morning while we are still snoring. Don’t we need the gold medals for these achievements? My National ID card has not yet completed its journey to Mars in seven years! Some very yeye country people in babariga…

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  2. DAREB
    DAREB August 16, 14:19

    May God correct the rotten system, it is really disheartened. I imputed my details and it gave me wrong identity ditto my friend too.

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  3. D-one farms
    D-one farms August 16, 19:23

    What a bad moment when I entered my NIN and No and show one Aboki name then I realized that NIMC has scammed us

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