NIPCO to inaugurate four CNG stations in Lagos in May

NIPCO Gas Limited says it has completed four compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in Lagos

Speaking at a press conference in on Sunday, Nagendra Verma, managing director of NIPCO said the facilities will be inaugurated in May.

CNG is a fuel that can be used in place of petrol, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

It is used in traditional petrol and internal combustion engine automobiles or specifically manufactured vehicles.


Verma, speaking to journalists, said CNG is a viable alternative fuel, commending the federal government for supporting the initiative. 

He also said NIPCO is in partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited to construct 35 auto CNG stations in phases.

“The completion of these CNG stations in Lagos marks a significant milestone, offering motorists an alternative to petrol amidst long queues at filling stations,” he said.


“The facilities would be opened for commercial operations within April and May to become the first of its kind in the state which is now contending with long queues at filling stations.”

Verma underscored the competitive rates of CNG compared to traditional fuels.

He said for cars, taxis, and tricycles, CNG is sold at N200 per standard cubic feet (SCF) or standard cubic meter (SCM) against the petrol price of N610 per litre, in Lagos and N230 per SCM against the PMS price of N670 per litre in Abuja.

For heavy commercial vehicles, the Verma said CNG is being sold at N260 per SCM against the AGO price of N1,250 per litre in Lagos and N290 per SCM against the AGO price of N1,300 per litre in Abuja.


He expressed confidence in CNG being the preferred fuel, especially with government support and media advocacy.

The managing director said the company has identified 19 CNG station locations and has received stage-wise approval from the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) and other statutory authorities.

“NIPCO Gas is sure that with the continuous focus and push by the current government, AutoCNG will become the fuel of choice for Nigeria, which has the potential to reduce the pressure on importation as well as on forex,” he added.

“AutoCNG is a project for masses and of national cause and importance. We are sure once expanded across Nigeria; it will surely and definitely relieve the masses and motorists from high fuel cost.


“We continuously seek blessing and support of the government and media to make AutoCNG a reliever, cleaner and greener fuel of Nigeria.”

On the company’s strategy, Verma said the company initially started with Benin city and expanded the CNG network to Ibafo in Ogun and later to Kogi.


He said with the initiatives and clear mandate by the current government, the CNG network also expanded to Abuja, Ibadan  and Akwa Ibom.

He said NIPCO gas presently operates 15 auto CNG stations across Nigeria and CNG vehicles from Lagos can travel up to Abuja and Kaduna.

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