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Nizamiye hospital offers discounted medical screening to celebrate Nigeria at 61

Jesupemi Are

The Nizamiye Hospital Abuja is offering Nigerians a 30 percent discount on medical screening in commemoration of Nigeria’s 61st independence celebrations.

Nigeria will mark its 61st Independence Day anniversary on October 1.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mohammed Abubakar, the hospital’s spokesman, said the hospital had observed that Nigerians do not prioritise regular screening.

He said the discounted medical screening is a part of the corporate social responsibility initiative of the hospital towards encouraging Nigerians to undergo regular health checks.


“From experience, we realized that most Nigerians haven’t prioritized regular health screening, and as a means of encouraging Nigerians to undergo regular health checkups, we have offered a 30% discount on all our checkup packages beginning from 1st October,” Abubakar said.

He said the benefits of regular medical screenings are numerous, adding that the discounted medical checkup is a strong statement as to why Nigerians must take their health seriously to detect illness at their early stages.

“The benefits of regular health checkups cannot be overemphasized.  It reduces the risk of getting sick; detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases early; increase chances for treatment and cure, and increases lifespan and improve health,” he said.


“In times past, we detected life-threatening medical conditions on some patients that came for medical screening, the interesting part of it all was that they all looked hale and healthy. It is therefore imperative for regular health screening to enjoy good health.”

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